16 Visa-Free Countries Across the World that Allow Visit To Indians

Visa-Free Countries Across the World that Allow Visit To Indians

2022 is to end soon! Did you knock down that wish of travelling abroad from your bucket list yet?

Oops! Were you stopped by the lengthy procedures that needed to be followed to visit overseas?

We understand! But does the nomad inside you understands too?

We have all been in a situation where we fail to fulfil our wishlists because the process of starting the venture is just too tiring! Fret not! This time, take the first step to visit abroad. Visit without a Visa!

Wait! We do not mean illegally!

Do you Know? There are countries across the world that allows Indian Nationals to visit without a visa. You read it right. As of 2022, there are around 16 visa-free countries across the globe that would enable Indian citizens to visit visa-free. But what is a visa? What is the visa-free country, you may wonder? Let’s discover together:

What is a Visa?

A visa is a travel document that allows a foreign citizen to visit a particular country. The document is the permission granted by the government of the country that the individual intends to visit.

While passports act as the proof of origin of an individual, visas contain information that states the period of stay you are allowed in the foreign country.

What is a Visa-free Country?

A country that allows foreign nationals to visit without a documented visa is called a Visa-free country. A country that allows citizens of one country visa-free may or may not let the citizens of the other country do the same. There are various reasons why a country would provide you with visa-free entry. A few are mentioned below:

  • If the country of your origin and the country intended to visit, have healthy diplomatic relations.
  • If the citizens of the origin country are not likely to stay illegally in the country of visit.
  • If the country of origin is economically developed.

Is a Visa-free Country and On-arrival-visa Country Different?

Yes, never mistake a Visa-free Country for a country that provides Visa-on-arrival. A visa-free country will not issue a visa for your visit even after you reach the port. However, a country with a visa-on-arrival policy will issue a visa for you once you reach their airport.

Things to Keep in Mind while Travelling to a Visa-free Country

Although traveling visa-free to a country saves you a lot of hustle, there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Every country has a different time period for which it allows visa-free travel. The time period may vary from 30-90 days specifically. You are advised not to overstay your welcome.
  • All the rules and regulations of the country should be abided by without fail. Failing to abide by the laws of the country may end you up in travel.
  • You should avoid enrolling in any activity that demands you to exceed your stay over the intended period.
  • You shouldn’t enroll in school or work when you are on a visa-free visit to a country.

Now that we have decoded the major aspects of a visa-free country, let’s note the countries that provide visa-free entrance:

Country Time Limit of Visit
Barbados Up to 90 Days
Bhutan Up to 07 Days
Dominica Up to 180 Days
Grenada Up to 90 Days
Haiti Up to 90 Days
Hong Kong Up to 14 Days
Mauritius Up to 90 Days
Maldives Up to 90 Days
Montserrat Up to 180 Days
Nepal Up to 90 Days
Niue Islands Up to 30 Days
Serbia Up to 30 Days
Samoa Up to 90 Days
Saint Vincent and Grenadines Up to 30 Days
Senegal Up to 90 Days
Trinidad and Tobago Up to 90 Days

Source: Ministry of External Affairs, Government Of India

Final Words

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

You will never be able to start a new journey if you don’t have the intent to take that one initial step. Don’t let your rejected visa be a hindrance to your bucket list. Take your documented passport and start exploring the roads not taken!

Also, while starting a new venture abroad, don’t forget to cover yourself for any unprecedented mishap. Get yourself covered with an international travel insurance plan by Care health insurance.

With the International Travel Insurance Plan by Care Health Insurance, you can rest assured and start your journey to all the visa-free countries mentioned above!

Disclaimer:  The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter’s discretion.

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