15 Most Practical Destination Wedding Hotspots in the World

Most Practical Destination Wedding Hotspots in the World

A destination wedding is a beautiful thing, and no feeling equals finding the perfect place to have one. There are crucial things to consider like your budget, the weather at the destination, and your wedding date – to make sure there aren’t other weddings or major events at the same venue, and many other things. 

If you are thinking of DIY for your wedding, there are sites with a lot of the information you will need. When it comes to food and catering, consider different options before going for standard hotel food. Have a look at the new Giant Tiger flyer starting tomorrow, for example. They offer some really great weekly deals on food and other things that will come in handy for your wedding. You will be excited to know that their Ocean Jewel shrimp ring will taste just as good as what the local caterers or the hotel would serve you.  Make your planning easier by using services like Elite Weddings and Events. They have plenty of useful information that will make your planning easier, even if your destination wedding is out of the country.

Different venues and destinations will offer different themes. Do you want a beach wedding? An eco-friendly wedding? A wedding at a historical site? Stateside or across the pond? 

Let’s get started.

1. The Dominican Republic 

Touted as one of the most affordable destination wedding places, the Dominican Republic offers a very wide range of venues and themes for your wedding. There are beaches, rainforests and lush golf courses. The culture is friendly, so you will have great hospitality. 

2. Jamaica

Jamaica has all-inclusive resorts that often feature British-Colonial architecture (if history is your thing), awe-inspiring landscapes, reef-lined beaches, and vibrant mountains. The food there is delicious, the music lovely, and the people are warm.

3. The Bahamas

The Bahamas is close enough to the States for a destination wedding but dreamy enough to be what you need it to be. White sand beaches, lawns that open up to the ocean, and home of the largest barrier reef in the world – perfect for a wedding and honeymoon.

4. Aruba

Off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba has many boutique hotels, world-class resorts, and other beachfront locations to cater to every type of wedding and wedding guest. They also offer a wide array of packages, so you really can choose what will work for your pocket.

5. Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of the most gorgeous scenic stretches of the Italian coastline, and with the orange grove as your background, you will have a beautiful wedding with beautiful pictures to show for it!

6. Loire Valley, France

Wine, food, quaint historic villages, charming people – the perfect recipe for a perfect destination wedding. 

7. Hawaii

Home to many smaller islands, Hawaii offers an unspoiled and natural backdrop, you can choose which will work best for you. From mountains to forests, the island has something for every couple.

8. Fiji 

Unspoiled beaches, exotic culture, and castaway tranquility – these are what make Fiji the famous destination wedding venue it is.

9. South Africa

You have the choice between wildlife, beaches, wineries, and stunning, unspoiled landscapes. Truly a beautiful country.

10. Florida

Warm weather, world-class food, warm sand – Florida is perfect if you want to stay in the country and want the beautiful beach aesthetic as your backdrop.

11. Las Vegas, Nevada

It may not be your regular destination wedding venue, but they have ballrooms, chic poolside settings, and plenty of resorts and hotels offering wedding packages for every type of wedding, not just the shotgun ones.

12. Napa Valley

If a vineyard destination wedding is your dream, Napa Valley is the place for you. There are many vineyards, so you are spoilt for choice.

13. Newport, Rhode Island

If you want an old fashioned glamour wedding, this is the place! They are said to have built the famous mansions to rival the castles of Europe –  and somewhat succeeded.

14. New York City

If theatre, shows, and music are part of your identity, New York is the place for you! Broadway shows, museums, galleries- yours will be a wedding with a modern twist.

15. Mackinac Island, Michigan

If you want a Victorian vibe wedding, you have found the place. Transportation is a horse, buggy, or bike; it’ll be something different for you and your guests.

Finding the perfect venue for your destination wedding is really a few clicks away. Just make sure your budget will accommodate everything from travel and accommodation to what you will eat on the day of the wedding. It would be prudent to seek out places where you can hire some equipment for cheaper, closer to your venue, so that you do not break the bank. If family is willing to assist, especially with their travel and board, let them – that extra cash could add to something else you would have otherwise forfeited because of cost. 

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