10 Unique and Weird Indian Restaurants You must Visit once

Are you getting bored with the same type of dinning? Well! In that case, it is the right time for you to kill your boredom and explore some of the unique restaurants in India.

If you are a food lover and want to explore restaurants that offer you with good quality food and a great soothing ambiance but apart from that you have the guts to think out of the box, then try out these 10 unique and weird Indian Restaurants. People who are into the food business will surely understand the importance of introducing new things to the customers. However, in India, there are several business people who are working hard to live upto the expectations of customers.

I have rounded up the list of oddball eateries in India, that are themed strangely and would surely give you a bizarre moment and at the same time lifetime experience. Let’s take a look.

10 Unique and Weird Indian Restaurants You must Visit once


#1. Silver metro, Bangalore – Eating inside this metro is not prohibited

Silver metro Bangalore

Isn’t the name sounds interesting? We all have traveled in metro trains once in a lifetime, however, have you ever dined in one? Well! If not, then experience eating in a metro train with the walls painted in silver and interiors exactly like a train. This food joint is in Bengaluru.

#2. New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

New Lucky Restaurant

Now not all restaurants have beautiful themes, some do have creepy and weird themes as well. Well! Yes, we are talking about eating food with dead bodies. Creepy? It is absolutely true! A number of graves are enclosed in the iron bars might appear creepy, but the owner, who runs the restaurant from the past 50 years find them lucky. This place is loved by the people and they enjoy food without any fear.

#3. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai – Get the feel of eating in a jail

Kaidi Kitchen

Ever thought of having dinner in a jail? How does it feel to have food while sitting in a jail? Well! Of course, every one of us must have imagined this for once. However, it looks like that this restaurant is made for two kinds of people for the ones who have never been to jail AND for the ones who want to re-live their experience in jail. Yes! we are talking about the Kaidi Kitchen in Chennai.

#4. Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai

Firangi Dhaba

If you are someone who loves Dhaba style food, then you must try out Firangi Dhaba in Mumbai. The interior is quite colorful with Bollywood posters all around. It gives the vibes of dramatic, Bollywood kind of Dhaba ambiance. The menu card is designed in a truck number plate which is the charm of this place.  You can get Chinese as well as Punjabi cuisine here and cost for two INR 500.

#5. Nature’s Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad – Eat while you sit on a pot

Nature's Toilet Cafe

Okay, so this looks like nothing less than a Sulabh Toilet Museum that serves food connecting the two major human processes in the quirkiest way possible! Why? Well! Have a look at the picture above. Maybe it is for those who have a fetish for sitting on toilet seats and eating. This cafe owns a toilet garden that has more than twenty urinals and lavatories.

#6. Ohri’s 70MM, Hyderabad

Ohri’s 70MM

If you are someone who is into music and melodrama flicks and also a big-time foodie, then the Ohri’s 70MM is a must visit for you in Hyderabad. Starting from “Sholay” to “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” and much more, all the iconic and legendary Bollywood posters have been immortalized on the walls of Ohri’s 70MM. It gives the feeling of a Bollywood Themed Restaurant. They serve Chinese, Thai, Continental and North Indian cuisines and at a cost of Rs1500/- for two.

#7. Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad – Pay whatever you want to, for others

Seva Cafe
Now, this is something that is unique and great at the same time. Yes! We are talking about the Seva Cafe which is located in Ahmedabad. This cafe went viral recently on social media sites and people were raving about it. So what’s the hype all about- you ask? Basically, this cafe works on the basis of gifting- we mean the food you will eat here is already paid for by someone else in advance, you can return the gesture by providing a meal for another. Isn’t is exciting and unique in its own way?

#8. Hijackk Restaurant, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Surat, Rajkot – Enjoy your meal(s) on wheels

Hijackk Restaurant
This venue is for those who always wanted to ride on a Duble decker mobile bus. It is fully air-conditioned and as an upper as well as a lower deck that holds upto 44 people. Chomp on pure delights like salads, soups, bread and hearty desserts while on board, and sit back to enjoy the picturesque locations in the city you’re in. DELHI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

#9. Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum – Eat fresh, local food in the middle of a lake

Veli Lake Floating Restaurant
If you love to spend your time with nature, gazing at the beautiful lake view while eating, then you must try out the Veli Lake Floating Restaurant in Trivandrum. You have to cross the floating bridges to enter the restaurant. Eat fresh and local food in the middle of the lake while enjoying the scenic beauty.

#10. Tihar Food Court, Delhi- Experience a wholesome meal in South Asia’s largest prison complex

Tihar Food Court
Tihar jails run a food court which is great and the food is prepared by the inmate themselves. Made in the Azkaban of India, the Tihar food court provides some awesome and tasty foods. The inmates wait tables, manage accounts and basically runs the whole show. In case you want to chill out and encourage these inmates, visit the food court and experience something different.


Are you hungry? It’s show time honey! Walk into these restaurants and indulge in the awesomeness of the foods and the interiors they have to offer you. Let us know about any such restaurants that you know is unique and weird in the comment section below.

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