10 Tips to Explore Amsterdam Inexpensively


Amsterdam, as one must know, is the capital of the Netherlands and was founded in 1275. It is quite a picturesque place well known for its miraculous attractions, astounding sceneries, houseboats, and renowned architecture. There is so much to explore in this fascinating city. Cycle to hidden gems, get immersed in the beauty of art Jordan, try a local beer or hop on a Canal Boat Tour.

Amsterdam is not the most expensive place (eyes in London) but isn’t the cheapest and go-to place either. To plan a trip to Amsterdam, a person needs to have a good, segregated plan of action. 

So, if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam and have a tightened budget, make sure to not miss out on these points that might make your trip a success. Let’s have a look. 

1. Abstain from taxis 

Having a tight budget and travelling in taxis in a place like Amsterdam is not the most ideal decision. Amsterdam is a small city where you can reach places on foot or renting a bicycle, especially if you’re travelling solo. By spending around 20 euros on a taxi, you can reach the same destination in a tram for 2.80 euros. It is not a city quite feasible for cars. You could opt for a local bike or an uber. You can rent a bike for €8-10 for a day, or get it on hourly/weekly basis and cycle around the city. 

 2. Check the markets before the shops 

Make advance visits to the market for food, books, souvenirs, novelties, and some good wine too. A famous market in Amsterdam is the Waterlooplein’s flea market which is open on all days excluding Sundays. This market closes at 5 pm daily. The weekend markets like Nieuwmarkt and Noorderkerk have additive-free and regional products and other natural food items at throwaway prices. There is also a beautiful flower market which has prices fixed just for the tourists.  

3. Seeking bakeries for breakfast 

People of Amsterdam are not very keen on breakfasts. They rather prefer brunches, which have recently started to be a thing there. Even if someone wishes for breakfast, it would be an orange juice or some coffee. You can easily find a bakery in every second lane, offering whole kernel grain croissants, newly baked bread rolls and pastries that are filled with cheese. (after all, who does not like cheese?)

The option of a bakery is a cheaper one and serves its purpose well. 

4. Look outside the centre for cheap hotels 

The hotels inside the city centre are not as new and well refurbished as the ones outside the city centre. The hotels that are outside the city centre are larger as compared to the ones in the Red Light District and on the sides of Dam Square. You can find some good hotels in the centre like De Pijp, Plantagebuurt or Jordaan which offer good deals. 

A better deal for solo travellers would be to go for dorm rooms and hostels for cheap stays.

5. Cook instead of splurging on restaurants

It is a better decision to cook yourself than go out thrice a day to eat in restaurants. It is not cheap and affordable to have Dutch food thrice a day, every day. Get groceries from the supermarket and cook yourself as it will save you a lot and not be missing out on anything. 

6. Opt for an unlimited ticket for trams 

There is no need to buy a tram ticket of 2.80 euros for every time you take a ride. Instead, opt for an unlimited rides ticket that gives you access for seven days straight or a 24-hour ticket that is of 17 euros for adults. For 48 hours the ticket price is 22.50 euros, for three days it is 28 euros and for the week, 32 euros. This will save you a fortune.

7. Rent your boat 

You can hire your boat rather than going for a high-priced canal cruise. Your total costing will cut down to a lot. It just costs 10 euros if there are three to four people. If it is your boat, you can easily carry your food and drink without any hindrance and can smoke too. Having your boat gives you privacy if you are a couple, or want to spend proper and quality time with friends and family.

8. Get the I Amsterdam Pass 

If you have the ‘I Amsterdam’ pass, you get free entry to many of the famous museums and other attractions there. A person saves on public transport as well as it comes free if you have the I Amsterdam Pass. The cost of the pass starts at about 60 euros per day. The  

The pass includes free rides in the canal cruise, free entry to around seventy museums which include the Van Gogh museum and the Rijksmuseum and many other famous ones. You get a detailed man and brochure containing the opening times and addresses of these attractions, unlimited use of GVB public transport that includes bus, tram, and metro. It provides discounts in  Haarlem, Zaanse Schans, Volendam

9. Get Couchsurfing 

Being a couch surfer, you get to share your home, city, and life with the other local people in Amsterdam. Keeping one’s safety in mind, Couchsurfing gives more attention to the verification of the people using it. The hospitality here is free, which leads a guest to save quite a lot of money. A lot of people who are travelling opt for this service so it would be better if you make your request to the hosts as early as possible or you would not find one. 

10. Go for beer and wine at the bar 

Opting for beer and wine at the bar is always a better option to stick to even more if you possess a nightlife ticket. The cost of the drinks lessens that way. They provide you with cocktails, a variety of mixed drinks etc. starting from 6euros. You must taste the house wine which is extremely tasty from France or Spain. You would not be disappointed with the classic brews which have this strong Belgian beer that a lot of people go gaga over.

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