10 Tips For Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

Tips For Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

With this pandemic looking at no end, it is easy to think that everyone is looking for a getaway at the cheapest yet most comfortable way possible. We all love travelling but having a tightened budget becomes a hindrance. To travel in flights is something a lot of us think is for the ones with deep pockets. Flights are indeed the most high-priced means of travel and if not researched well might cost you a lot of unnecessary expenditure.

There are a few cheap airlines like Air Asia, SpiceJet, Air India Express, GoAir, Indigo, Jetconnect, etc. These are less costly as they keep one passenger class in the aircraft. They also do not provide with extra goodies, unlike airlines that are much costlier.

So here are a few tips you should keep in mind if you want to run away from all the ‘work from home’ but also have a restricted budget.

1. Book early

Like we all must have heard that booking flight tickets way beforehand gives you a better deal. Well, that is true. It is feasible to book your flight tickets at least 6 to 8 weeks (not more) prior, as the rush for seats is less. This way you will be able to get inexpensive tickets with fantastic seats and service.

2. Student discounts

Student discounts have their perks and to take full advantage of them is something I would suggest. A student or anyone under the age of twenty-six would be eligible to get this discount. You would mostly get a discount of 20-30% off the actual fare. If you do not know as to which airlines offer you discounts and have relatively cheaper fares, then you must visit their websites to save 20% on your tickets.

3. All Search Websites are not equal

To find a good and cheap deal solely depends on how good you do your research. A lot of these search sites do not mention all the fare, budgets, or the dubious foreign carriers to avoid paying a booking commission.

Some of the best search websites where you can find cheap flights are the following:

i.Skyscanner– It is the second-best site for booking and searches for multiple places. The Skyscanner website gives you a very holistic experience and helps you compare all the flights to a particular destination on a specific day. I would personally start my research with Skyscanner because you can search for all the major and budget-friendly airlines.

ii.Google Flights– It shows you prices for many of the destinations you wish to visit.

iii.Momondo– This is an infamous website that searches almost all the airlines and their websites and suggests you cheaper flights 95% of the time.

4. Payments by Wallets

Wallets like Mobikwik, Paytm, freecharge, payumoney have quite some perks. If you pay through these sources, you will get an added cashback. More or less 10% cashback is offered.

Mobikwik has a page called the ‘dedicated offers page’ where you will get two hundred rupees cashback if you book a flight on MakeMyTrip.

5. Flexible dates

It will be easier for you if you have a few different dates in hand to go for an expedition. Keeping a few flexible dates in hand would help you crack the cheapest deal on that specific day. It surely can be that a lot of people are travelling and want tickets on the same day as you do which

leads to a rise in the prices so if you want economical fares, I would suggest you try some flexible dates.

6. Incognito mode while ‘researching’

I am sure most of you must have heard about dynamic pricing where most airlines keep shifting their prices according to the present demand and supply. If you spend more than twenty to thirty minutes on a website, it is likely for the prices to rise as the airlines and the arbitrator websites understand the rising demand for a particular price. If you use incognito

mode while browsing, it will help you as the websites cannot track you through your web cookies. So to avoid this surge, use incognito mode on Chrome.

7. Usage of hand baggage

When you are travelling solo, it is ideal to carry hand baggage as you will not be having a lot of luggage and hence save a fortune. In airlines, costs rise when you have heavy luggage. Passengers carrying less luggage are offered with incentives.

8. Apply for the Airfare’s Newsletter subscription

Many of the airlines and other sites keep sending several different offers regularly. If you are a frequent flyer, subscribing to these newsletters would help you to receive regular emails about the fare of

the various flights. Sometimes the airline companies offer special deals and coupons to their email subscribers.

9. Do not fly direct all the time

Flying direct is not always the best way to go about. Sometimes if you break your journey, it might help with the prices. For instance, occasionally the prices to fly to London is cheaper and then you can take an airline that suits your budget to Amsterdam whereas if you fly

directly to Amsterdam, it might fetch you a little more as compared to the former option. All you need to do is the costs of the flights that go directly to the place you wish to travel to and then go to Google Flights and fill continent you want to go to and get the prices of the nearby airports. If the price is more than USD 150, then look into how much will it be if you reach the same place from the second airport (it can be a flight or a train whatever suits your budget).

10. Book for a Monday

Airfares are more expensive on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as the people preferably look for weekends to travel. Rates are relatively low on a Tuesday as well but start rising from Wednesday.

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