10 Road Trip Destinations in India 2021

Road Trip Destinations India

If you are a travel maniac and need some crazy adventure with soothing music and your friends to accompany you, then road trips are the best way to go. In a country like India, where so much diversity exists, it is effortless to find a destination of our liking. All that would help you make that decision would be the convenience of your choosing and your budget. Have control over your itinerary throughout, stopping by to soak in the scenic views anywhere you like, inexpensive way of exploring more- that’s the beauty of road trips!

Considering how bad everyone needs a getaway and is avoiding railways and flights due to the pandemic, below are a few road trip destinations that will make you feel light. 

1. Delhi to Leh via Manali 

To travel to Leh via road is dreamlike. The road is the kind of adventure that no traveller wishes to miss. The way might be a little monotonous and tiring but will surely give you shivers while you go through the bumpy roadway. The breathtaking views of the Himalayas accompany you with a chilly breeze. One can also try numerous adventure sports here such as skiing, paragliding, mountain biking and more. 

The distance from Delhi to Leh via Manali is about 1091 kilometres. You would roundabout take a day which is 24 to 25 hours to reach your destination. The National Highways are NH1 and NH21. The best time to have an adventure to Leh is between May to September.

2. Delhi to Spiti Valley 

It is another enchanting place to go on a road trip. One of the best in the whole of North India is the way from Delhi to Spiti Valley. Known for its picturesque views, beautiful murals and ancient temples, Spiti Valley is the ultimate road trip destination. There are two routes to reach here. First, Delhi-Shimla-Spiti way, the other is the Delhi-Manali-Spiti way. This mountain valley is a land that connects Tibet and India. 

The distance from Delhi to Spiti Valley is 730 kilometres and takes 17 hours to reach the valley from Delhi. The National Highway is NH3. The perfect time to visit Spiti Valley is from March to June. 

3. Hyderabad to Hampi 

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage. The way to Hampi from Hyderabad seems shirt but very exhausting and tiring. Hampi is an incredibly old village in Karnataka, well known for its massive temples. It is famous for its intractable monuments and is worth the detour.

The distance from Hyderabad to Hampi is 385 kilometres. It will take you 9-10 hours to reach, including some stops for refreshments. The National Highway is NH167 and the preferable time to go there is from October to February. 

4. Vishakhapatnam to Araku Valley 

Vishakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, has a captivating charm. It has the Eastern Ghats on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other which makes the road trip from there to Araku Valley even more exhilarating. Araku Valley is a little village where the Borra Caves are present. The Chaparai Waterfalls make the entire experience so rejuvenating and soothing. 

It is 116 kilometres away from Vishakhapatnam and will not take you more than 3-4 hours to reach. The ideal time to go there is from December to February.

5. Kalimpong to Zuluk 

To experience this road trip, you have got to be strong-hearted. There are around 32 bends on the way which puts a question mark on safety. The scenario is astonishing and worth all of it. The colourful, exuberant views are something every person must experience at least once in life. 

Zuluk is only 90 kilometres away from Kalimpong and will take 4-5 hours considering the bendy route. The National Highway is NH10 and the suitable time to go is August to September. 

6. Pune to Goa 

A road trip to Goa is the one everyone usually looks forward to with their friends most likely. Goa is the literal party core of the country and the best getaway with friends. Pune to Goa by car or bike is by far one of the best. 

It will take you 9-10 hours to reach Goa from Pune with a distance of 442 kilometres. National Highway here is AH47 and the best time to go is from October to February. 

7. Bangalore to Bandipur Forest 

The drive from Bangalore to Bandipur Forest is uncharted. Travelling through the quiet, calm, and greenery-filled captures most hearts to visit. If you are lucky enough, you might spot one or two deer on the way. 

The distance between Bangalore to Bandipur Forest is 213 kilometres taking you 4-5 hours to reach. The preferred time to visit is from December to February. 

8. Gangtok to Nathula Pass via Lake Tsomgo 

It is yet another destination we need to think through as the route has hairpin bends but also something you do not wish to miss at all. On the land near the lake, you get to take rides on Yaks and get fancy pictures. The entire route is quite attractive and surely make you happy. 

It will only take you an hour or two as the distance is noticeably short of 55 kilometres. The best time to go there is from October to February. 

9. Guwahati to Tawang 

An incredibly challenging yet the kind not to forget. Challenging, because of the bad weather conditions, bumpy roads, and sharp bends which might make you think twice to go through. However, I can assure you of the breathtakingly beautiful views where you will get to see the Buddhist culture too. 

It is a little bit of a long journey of 14-17 hours with the distance being 566 kilometres. The National Highways are NH 52 and NH 229 and the optimal time to visit is from March to October. 

10. Jaipur to Jaisalmer 

If you have not been to the deserts for a while and wish to go, keeping the choice of Jaipur to Jaisalmer on a road trip should top your list. The journey from the Pink City to the Golden City is worth the watch between the dunes and camel rides with having the tradition of Rajasthan close.

I would suggest you visit Jaisalmer from November to March and it would take you 9-10 hours to reach. The distance between Jaipur and Jaisalmer is 555 kilometres.

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