10 Genius Ways to Travel When You Are Broke

Genius Ways to Travel When You Are Broke

If I had a million dollars, you’d never see me again! But sadly, not all of us have an abundance of time and money to travel often. We often wait for ‘the right time’ or collecting enough funds to travel. However, there seem to be several fantastic ways people can travel when they have little resources. Your choice of place, accommodation, mode of transport and eating habits can be more affordable than you think. Sometimes the best memories in life are not made with luxurious stays, but an adventure-filled journey.

Here are ten genius ways to travel when you are broke.

1. Travel to off-beat places

Everyone has long wish lists but do not be slaves to them. Often some of the most beautiful cities in the country are not on your radar yet, but they are worth a ride. They are always cheaper, too. This year an entire bunch of former radar locations are growing as hiker havens, partially because they’re not as pricey as the typical hot spots, but they’re still packing a ton of a blast.

2. Opt for an off-travel period

Stay mindful of the seasonal variation of the trip. What is assumed to be off-peak in one country may not be in others. Numerous locations have various tourism seasons, so be sure to do your research. With just a little preparation, you can try to plan around the cost increases and tourist flocks. 

Flights can be much cheaper for places like Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and even Latin America. One can find decent accommodations and activity rates. There are fewer visitors during the off-season, and you can enjoy your time in a less crowded environment. 

3. Take hopping flights

A plane from London to New York seems rather costly, but if the express service and return flights depart from separate airports in both cities, you might wind up saving a lot. Plus, often other countries and airlines will give deals to stop for a return flight in their own country. When you make a stop in Iceland, for example, the trip from NYC to LDN will become much more feasible (and you receive a free mini trip between a trip).

A further tip is to pick the airports next door. For example, if you would like to travel to Laos or Burma, the best choice is to travel via Bangkok (you do not need to apply for a residency permit to Thailand) and then take a look at direct flights to your end location.

4. Make smart accommodation choices

Usually, hotels can cost you a fortune, especially when you’re travelling alone. Make sure to check out options for homestays and hostels. You can get hostels in Europe for as cheap as $3 a night. If you’re travelling with friends, consider renting an Air BnB which usually have phenomenal views, privacy and excellent properties.

5. Choose adventure over materialism

Living in a five-star hotel and having a car to take you around may seem fancy, however, you make memories only when you step out of your comfort zone. Go hitchhiking, skinny dipping, hiking or cycling. Dance to the beats of the musician playing on the street or make new friends, and learn about their culture. These activities are free of cost, yet so impactful!

6. Request tax return

Every country has unique tax regulations, although it is worthwhile exploring whether you can demand taxes on your expenses during your vacations. Look for a tax-free emblem in the locations you are visiting. Many will specify a large purchasing cost, and you will typically have to request a passport. If travelling back home at the airports, before checking in, join the tax return stand to finish the transaction.

7. Buy a local sim card

It is not always necessary, but the United Kingdom’ 3 Mobile provides free international roaming services in certain countries at least. Find out traveller forums and Facebook profiles for the latest state by state phone tips.

End of roaming for smartphone users in the European Union has meant substantial savings on the journeys. Not having to think about shutting off the phone or disabling data roaming and using our handset in the very same way as if we were in our country removes any distractions. We all like to continue using the internet to make our travel more convenient.

8. Go for street food

Having street food appears to be the cheapest way to eat when you have a tight budget. There is a lot of needless anxiety about this. You can watch the food being cooked and served, so it’s safer than being locked in the kitchen. Go to the shops with a steady line and freshly packaged meals.

9. Free of cost walking tours

One of my best things to budget travel is to take advantage of free walking tours. It is a perfect way to discover local hotspots with a cultural point of view for free. Moreover, it is a great way for you to keep track of where you would want to go back when you are in that area.

Hundreds of cities worldwide give free guided tours. Often you need to book well in advance, so be sure to refer to that.

10. Pack Light

 Most companies offer an arm or a leg for checked luggage charges. Often, it is the same rate as your ticket cost when you fly a discount airline. That does not make any sense to anyone.

We all feel we have to pack a dozen clothes and six pairs of shoes even if we are only going on holiday for a week. Perhaps one of my main principles to travel on a spending plan is to pack just what you require to prevent burdensome baggage charges. Furthermore, you would not have to fear losing your baggage.

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