10 Amazing Street Foods In Dubai That Are Must Try!

Are you a foodie just like me? It is impossible to resist the beautiful aromatic smells of those freshly grilled meats wafting through the air. I am a big time foodie and I cannot resist it when it comes to street food. Street food brings people together and injects life into a place. And the best part is that every country, city, town have their own version of street-side vendors dishing out some of the lip-smacking foods. Dubai is much more than just shopping malls, luxurious spa and restaurant and big buildings. Here are the 10 Amazing Street Foods In Dubai That Are Must Try!

10 Amazing Street Foods In Dubai That Are Must Try!


#1. Shawerma:

When we are talking about the joyful city of Dubai and the amazing street foods in Dubai, we can’t simply miss out the best ever street food popularly known as the Shawerma. It is the most common and yet most popular street food made with thinly sliced and spiced up beef, chicken or lamb. These delicious, thinly sliced meats are then rolled into a soft flatbread, filled with fresh cut vegetables and creamy sauce makes it altogether a heavenly yummy and one of the best street foods to try out while you are in Dubai.

#2. Chips Oman Roll:

Now coming to the second hot favorite street food in Dubai among the visitors is none other than the Chips Oman Roll. These rolls are sold in every cafeteria or road side tea shop. It is nothing but a simple roll which is made up of cheese and smashed potato chips and trust me they taste more than awesome. However, being simple roll still, it remains one of the most favorite street foods among children and anyone who wants a quick snack down memory lane.

#3. Manakkish:

If you are a pizza lover, then you must not forget to try out the Dubai version of desi pizza. Yes! We are literally talking about Manakkish which is a roadside food that is basically a large flatbread cooked in an oven with different assortments on top, almost like a pizza. You can choose from meat toppings to vegetable toppings to thyme and olive oil, and will never regret ordering one!

#4. Shish Tawouk Sandwich:

Another deliciously yummy roll or sandwich that is extremely famous in the streets of Dubai but somehow it stays relatively unknown to the visitors is none other than Shish Tawouk Sandwich. These are filled with spices and garlic and then those thinly sliced chicken pieces are pressed flat against the flatbread packed with some freshly cut vegetables and pickles. The taste of this is truly out of this world!

#5. Samboosa:

Samboosa is basically brought over from India and is specifically known as the Indian Samosa. It is a triangle shaped stuffed pastry which is filled with stuffings such as vegetables, succulent meat, and spices. It is one of the most popular snacks especially when you are going for a long car ride. Be careful though, they can get addictive and you’ll start to lose count of how many you’ve eaten!

#6. Karak with Fried Donuts:

While you are in Dubai, you cannot simply afford to miss out the best part of it. Yes! We are talking about Karak which can be unofficially said to be the national drink and is the symbol of Dubai. It is made up of simple spices and cream. It is basically like tea which is poured into little paper cups and are sold for just one dirham at each and every roadside shops. However, to make karaoke tastier, people usually have it little fried donuts that are sprinkled with sugar over the top. Honestly, you won’t understand the taste of Karak and why Dubai is one of the best cities in the world unless and until you try it yourself.

#7. Lugaimat:

If you want to budge on one of the street food that is entirely Emirati and is quite popular among the visitors, then you must try out Lugaimat. It is a dessert item and if you are someone who likes to have binged on sweets, then you must have these delicious fried balls of dough. These are crispy outside while it is still fluffy and piping hot inside. However, to finish it off locals will lightly sprinkle rose flavored honey or date syrup over the top of those deliciously yummy donuts. I am sure you won’t be able to resist yourself to only one and it is often seen that people love to have an entire bowl.

#8. Freshly Squeezed Juices:

As we all know that Dubai is in the middle of desert and it is quite hot outside, you will find stalls selling freshly squeezed juices almost at every corner of the city. However, if you have not tried those freshly squeezed juices, then you need not miss it out at any cost. You will get a wide range of juices, flavours and mixes so that you are open to choose any of the delicious fresh juice you want. These juices are the perfect finish to a long day in the sun.

#9. Mandi:

If you are in Dubai and you are not trying out one of the most popular dish known as Mandi, then it is absolutely your loss. Mandi is a Yemeni dish which is popular in UAE and the rest of Arabian Peninsula. It is kind of biriyani in different style and flavour altogether. It consists of rice, meat preferably chicken or lamb and good species. It is slow cooked under the ground for hours and once ready, it is severe on the top of the rice.

#10. Dates:

We all know that dates are widely known for the nutritious properties it has. It is very healthy and at the same time tasty. But do you know that it plays a vital role of the local diets in the United Arab Emirates for ages now. The reason behind this is the availability. Yes! Dates are thrive well in the desert climate and thus it became a staple in Emirati cuisine. You can see several stalls providing visitors delicious dates and it is included in the list of Dubai famous street foods.
So these are the 10 Amazing Street Foods In Dubai That Are Must Try! And hence, when you are planning to visit Dubai in near future, then you must not forget to try out all the awesome and delicious street-side foods in Dubai. Do let us know about your choice and what you have tried among all those yummy foods. Share with us in the comment section below.

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