A Weekend Trip To Bengal- Digha & Mandarmoni!

Weekend Trip in Bengal 1

Are you completely stressed and dying out to go for a short vacation? Well, a weekend trip is always a beautiful plan to opt for and especially when you see the wonders of the ocean! A Weekend Trip to Bengal including Digha and Mandarmoni would just be the perfect gateway for anyone. So if you come in Calcutta or stay around Bengal, a 3 day trip to Digha and Mandarmoni is always on! the view of the outrageous sea and the wonderful bliss would please you under any circumstances. So here is a 3-day plan for your Weekend Trip To Bengal with the most beautiful way.
Weekend Trip to Bengal

A Weekend Trip in Bengal- Digha & Mandarmoni!

Day 1: Destination Mandarmoni

The best way to travel from Calcutta to Mandarmoni is to opt for a bus or for trains. You can board a train in the morning or in the noon and find your way out for Mandarmoni. There is no direct railway station or bus stop to Mandarmoni and you need to break off. If you visit by train, you need to drop off at Digha Station and grab a local cab or a bus. The 40-45 minutes of a journey would take you to your Weekend Trip in Bengal.
Weekend Trip to Bengal
Once you reach there you can find yourself in hotels on the beach! Well here, the picturesque view of the sea while living in your hotel room is just 10 feet away! Mandarmoni is not so crowded place and you would love the silence over here. There are resorts based on the beach where you can book a sea facing rooms. In the evening, you can try for some exciting rides on Quad bikes on the beach! A bottle of chilled beer and a plate full of chicken pakoras would make your evening memorable on the beach!

Day 2: Head off to Digha

Grab a local cab and if you are traveling in a family car it would cost around 500 bucks to reach Digha. Digha has two destinations in itself- Old Digha and New Digha! If you get started in the morning, you can land on the sea by Noon! An hour on the sea would make your journey more memorable throughout the day. The perfect location to have your sea bath would be the New Digha Beach because the shore is wide!
Weekend Trip to Bengal 1
The evening might seem to be much satisfying to roam in the Old Digha Market and enjoy the Weekend Trip in Bengal. This market is very famous and encompasses more than thousands of shops on the beach road! You can try out some handicraft items along with some cashew. The market is indeed famous for both of them!

Day 3: Destination Udaipur

Weekend Trip to Bengal
If you are in Bengal and yet not tired of the “Maach bhaja” then you have missed out everything. Now it’s the time for you to enjoy a moment here. Udaipur is just a 10-minute drive off from Digha and very close to it. Just imagine you are sitting on the beach drinking a glass of chilled beer and fired Fish! You can get a lot of fish as an option and a glass of chilled beer to make it memorable.
Weekend Trip in Bengal
You can return back by the noon to enjoy an hour on the sea again.
The evening could be more fun with a visit to the New Digha Beach for some shopping!
Weekend Trip in Bengal

Day 4: Returning Back Home

Returning to Kolkata back from Digha is always an easy option. You can get trains and available Luxury buses to return back to the city at any time. You can also find comfortable time to choose the train or the bus!

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It makes me restless to visit Bengal. What lovely blog.

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