VPN for Streaming Netflix

VPN for Streaming Netflix

Netflix, the streaming giant of the entertainment industry in 2021, and despite the tough contenders surrounding it like piranhas, has proved to be worthy and protect its long legacy. As legendary as it may be, it has further worked really hard to maintain its autonomy by providing quality content while fulfilling all the technical legalities that are involved in the entertainment business. And that affects the licensed viewing of all the titles that Netflix acquires. 

Netflix acquires hundreds of titles each year, but it also keeps its legal terms in consideration. Hence despite the fact that it is available in over 180 regions and signed up by over 200 million users, the content library still differs significantly. 

Not all regions have the same content on their platform. Some areas have a significantly low count when it comes to movies. They do not have an extensive catalog like other significant countries, mainly because of licensing issues. Production houses follow strict laws when it comes to the broadcasting of their movies to avoid any lawsuits. Hence, they imposed rules that required the film to stream in only a few regions as buying rights can be a super expensive business. 

But for various users, this seemed unfair as all the subscribers paid the same price as compared to the value of their currency, which led them to look for answers in other places, like do any free VPNs work with Netflix? A VPN is a technological tool that helps streamers access geo-restricted content. It can help them unblock a ton of new titles via accessing different regions and country’s Netflix. 

But what VPNs actually do work well and are free for users when it comes to Netflix? Time to find out!   

Free Trials

This may not be entirely free, but hear us out; we promise you might love our proposition. Most of the premium VPNs offer a monthly free trial from 30-45 days. And if you ask us, no other VPNs can unblock Netflix geo-restrictions and get you all your favorite titles. From anywhere, Netflix has a robust proxy detection setup that will figure out that you are using a VPN for it. But a premium one like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, Nord VPN, and other services will quickly let you get the said streaming service from anywhere. 

Moreover, their free trials are for a month or so; in this time, you will realize the importance of a premium VPN after testing their features out properly, and if you wish to continue with them, then you can. If not, then you can easily ask for a refund that will be granted to you with no questions asked. 


CyberGhost is mainly a premium VPN service with a 45-days money-back guarantee, but it also has a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. It may offer only a few countries on its list, but they definitely work very well in unblocking Netflix libraries for free. But it is limited to only a handful of countries, meaning you can’t get all the regional libraries. But you don’t have to, because US Netflix is amongst the most popular of them all. 


Amongst the top contenders for free VPN also includes Windscribe. It offers 10GB worth of free streaming in SD which will last you 10 hours or so. If you are streaming in HD, it will cost you more data, and Ultra HD is not an option. It has 10 servers available with unlimited switching, so Netflix UK, France, Germany, Canada, and the UK will readily be possible for you to get. The streaming quality is moderate and may take time to load, which is a given for free VPN services. But at least it works; this is what matters. 


Another favorite freebie in the VPN collection; Tunnelbear, is going to be there for you. If you want to watch your famous American lifestyle shows on Netflix in Japan or anywhere else in the world because of its ability to unblock various major Netflix libraries without showing you the infamous Netflix Proxy Error. It may not work on all the servers, which is a given. But one major setback is that it only offers 500 MB per month, which is way less than we expected. 

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