Top 5 Best Websites to Buy Tiktok Followers

Top 5 Best Websites to Buy Tiktok Followers

Arguably, the most important part of running a business is Marketing.

In the good old days, advertising would take the form of little segments in newspapers or large billboards stretching over a motorway interchange. However, in the modern era, social media has proven to be a useful tool to advertise your business to as many people as possible, no matter where you are on the globe.

Recently, Tiktok has risen through the ranks as a prime social media platform due to its bite-sized, easy-to-digest, style of content. With over 1 billion active users worldwide and 30.8 million daily active users.

However, social media in the modern age has become saturated and standing out has become harder than ever. As a young adult, I found it incredibly difficult to promote music videos, especially in a space with so many similar creators. My solution was to skip that initial stage of small growth. Why not give yourself that needed boost; Even Belle Poarch needs help from time to time!

In this article, we will be exploring the top 5 best services I have discovered to purchase Tiktok services! All these specific services were hand-picked by myself; These are the particular services that were most effective for me!

 1., Essential for TikTok Growth

Objectively, we believe Tikoid is the best place to buy anything relating to your Tiktok account, period.

What Tikoid offers compared to other services, is real accounts. I’ve always believed purchasing bots for your account is not only useless but detrimental to your account. Bots on your account contribute nothing to the growth of your account other than boosting numbers. The large influx of bots on your account can sometimes drive away real users.

Tikoid provides your account with real accounts with interests catered towards your account content. Research has proven this is the best method to organically grow your profile; With a user interested in your content, they are more inclined to share your content with other like-minded individuals, who can also share your posts further.

Compared to other services, Tikoid pushes the user to continuously push the level of their content. For me personally, this would be trying new video ideas, new marketing strategies, or even sometimes completely revising my content. This encouragement of quality improvement prevents your account from becoming stale and receiving poor attraction despite a large following.

Not only that, but Tikoid is fast and easy! Within minutes, you can have the exact order you want!

With a well-set reputation of over 75,000 happy customers, as well as cheap prices and fantastic customer service, why wouldn’t you choose Tikoid?


  • Real accounts to help grow your account organically
  • Cheap Prices that don’t break the bank!
  • Fantastic Customer support
  • Plenty of positive testimonials


  • None!

2.), Another great recommendation!

The main reason we recommend is due to its simplicity. Within 10 mins, you can have exactly the order you wish for! With plenty of services to keep your account alive, you can never go wrong with Instafollowers. However, similar to Socialwick, there are plenty of services you can purchase through Instafollowers, outside of Tiktok, which can cause a noticeable quality drop compared to other services on this list.


  • Simple ordering system, even a hamster could do it!
  • Fast delivery, receive your order within 5 minutes!
  • Affordable price


  • Lack of speciality in Tiktok services.

3.) Celebian, Simplicity is key.

Celebian is by far one of our personal favourites in purchasing Tiktok followers. Celebian, on the surface, looks like a very simple website with not much to offer. However, don’t let that throw you off it’s amazing quality and affordable prices!

With a good Trustpilot score, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands!


  • Quick ordering system
  • Fast delivery!

4.) Tikfuel, Fuel for your account growth!

Tikfuel is another perfect choice to receive different services for your TikTok account. Tikfuel has many different services to purchase for your account, whether it be views, likes, or followers.

The company also offers to buy services in large bulks, with many deals applied, allowing you to decide how far you wish to grow your account!


  • Great prices and deals for your account!
  • Good Customer support if anything were to go wrong!
  • Easy to get started!

5.) Socialwick, An all rounder!

Socialwick is a social media platform specialising in selling different forms of social media services, including Tiktok.

Socialwick prides itself on high-quality services delivered to your respective social media account.

Socialwick, from our research, provides good quality customer support and overall has high customer satisfaction. However, we can’t help but notice its lack of speciality in one social media platform, which can cause a noticeable quality difference to other services on this list and often an overall diluted service.

A good rule of thumb with buying Instagram services is that the lesser the quality of accounts provided gives a general unprofessional feeling to your profile, which can hurt your growth in the long run.


  • Plenty of services are available, even outside of Tiktok.
  • Well-established company with over 9 million completed orders


  • Lack of speciality in one specific social media platform

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