Tips to Create Custom Designs for Company Wallpapers

Tips to Create Custom Designs for Company Wallpapers

The work desktop backgrounds are what your employees see first when they come to work. Throughout the day, the attention of your coworkers is riveted to their monitors. Often, in large companies on the wallpaper desktop are standard images, which do not carry any semantic meaning. But this space could be filled with useful things!

Why Is Custom Wallpaper Worth Having for Every Company from Small to Large?

Let’s find out what is a desktop background? In common use, it is called just wallpaper, it comes with the default settings of all computers right out of the box. Rarely, employees set their photos, photos of their family or their idols as desktop wallpaper. Have you ever considered that this space could be filled with useful information important to you as a company? By creating a custom wallpaper, you get corporate branding that carries key information about your work and the company as a whole. This strategic move will improve employees` perception of their company. Also, visuals are significant to the company. By installing custom wallpaper, you get a company’s dress code, a standardized look that enhances the perception of the company as a professional one. If you have an open space, and you have new people coming into your office all the time – then having a custom wallpaper will show your professionalism and keep you from the possibility of something inappropriate showing up on your screen during an important presentation.

Top 5 Tips for Custom Wallpaper Designs

These simple tips will help you create the perfect wallpaper for your company.

Tip #1. Start with the technical details. Do an audit of your employees’ monitors to find out what size wallpaper you will need. Factors such as appropriate aspect ratio and high picture resolution should be considered to create the wallpaper.

Tip #2. Choose a color scheme that is perfect for your company.  Refer back to your company’s existing branding, as the wallpaper should blend in with the company’s identity. Do not use colors that are too dark or too bright, as they will disturb employees’ ability to work and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Neutral colors are a priority.

Tip #3. Place content on the screen. Think about what and where you would like to place on your desktop. But don’t overdo it and use up all of your desktop space. We advise you to fill up to 50% so that the information on the screen doesn’t interfere with the full work.

Tip #4. Don’t use too many small details. When planning content, you should understand that the desktop has a function – to store files and folders. Their sizes are small and if your wallpaper is going to include a lot of small details, it will be hard to distinguish the folders from your content. Also, use large text to make it easier to read and remember.

Tip #5. It’s time to think about the content itself. Create interesting and useful content that stimulates your employees and gives a positive vibe. Use the company’s motto and goals. If your content is meaningless, then it won’t do the slightest bit of good.

What Problems Might You Encounter?

After our tips, you started thinking about creating your own corporate wallpaper, but we want to warn you about the difficulties that may occur.

First, if you don’t have standard computers for all workers, then the size of the screens may be different. This will make it difficult for you to create desktop wallpaper because you will need to calculate the size of all devices and create different sizes of a wallpaper.

The second difficulty is the clutter of unnecessary files. Every day dozens of files and folders accumulate on your employees’ desktops, which spoil the appearance of the screen. Behind the tons of useless files, your custom wallpaper won’t even be visible. This issue can easily be solved by asking your employees to clean their computers of unnecessary files and free up space on their desktops.

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