The 8 Best Online Project Management Training Courses of 2021

Project Management Training Courses

Project management training courses are designed to help you prepare for the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional or PMP certification. This certification often results in a boost of about 20% in earnings for Project Managers, compared to the ones without this certification.

This article is a review of 8 PMP training courses which are the best in their respective categories based on the amount of self-study and instructor-led options. We have also reviewed the material as well as the quality of assessment and practice exams.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam 2021

The PMP certification is globally recognized in the field of Project Management and is considered an essential certificate for anyone who wishes to take their career to another level. In India, there are a number of benefits of being PMP certified, which include climbing higher in the corporate chain and an increase in independence.

The benefits of PMP certification to the organization is increased accountability. PMP certification requirements include a lot of Project Managing hours, coupled with a secondary degree.

Here are a few good PMP exam training courses:

1. Koenig Solutions PMP exam prep:

Koenig Solutions is an online training provider which offers around 400 courses in cloud computing, cybersecurity, project management, digital marketing, data science etc.

It is the best overall due to its coverage of new emerging practices and trends growing in the market, along with having the core fundamentals required in a PMP course certification exam.

Koenig boasts a high percentage pass rate and also offers a number of variations in terms of courses availability options. Koenig Solutions offer a number of courses varying in features and cost.

2. PMTraining

Christopher Scardo, the founder of PMTraining, is the author of several bestsellers in the exam preparation genre. Christopher has grown this platform into a recognized training service which is accessed by more than 80,000 children and 180+ organizations around the globe.

PMTraining offers a 100% pass guarantee, wherein the students will be given a free instructor and complete course re-enrollment if they do not pass. This course comes in 2 price brackets based on a variety of features and customizations.

3. Sybex

This is one of the best courses for working professionals who are knowledgeable in the field of project management. Sybex is the brainchild of the Wiley Efficient Learning Systems, which offers professionals IT certification training. As most individuals complete their PMP along with working in the corporate sector, this is the most viable option for them.

It has a variety of accessibility and cloud-optimized course options. It has two sub-500-dollar courses in the PMP field. Sybex also has a Mobile app which can store notes and tests to provide more opportunities in terms of compatibility.

4. PMPrepCast

PMPrepcast is a branch of OSP International which has coached over 25,000 project managers in getting the PMP certification. This is a video course which can be accessed through a tablet, laptop or a smartphone.

This feature makes this course very handy and accessible. On top of this, OSP International Corp. is a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) it is updated regularly and thoroughly abiding by the PMBOK guidelines and quality assurance criteria.

This is a sub-300-dollar course and is very affordable.

5. Project Management Academy.

Project Management Academy was founded in 2006 and as a PMI REP offers classroom-based, as well as online PMP exam prep courses abiding by the PMI, established quality assurance criteria.

This is a very based and interactive PMP training course and boasts a 99% pass rate along with a 100% money-back pass guarantee.

6. BrainBOK

The BrainBOK course gives the most value for money even though this might not be one of the best courses in the market. However, this is the only course which offers real value for money to its effectiveness in the preparation.

It comes with a comprehensive study guide and aims to present the PMBOK is a more exciting manner. This course also includes more than 2000 flashcards which are searchable.

The most premium plan on this website is for 150 dollars, which is a fantastic investment if you pass the exam. Before you go for this course, learn more about PMP advantages and disadvantages.

7. Master of Project Academy

MasterofProjectAcademy gives you the best cost flexibility. This academy was founded in 2012 and has been global for a while now, tutoring over 1,00,000 professionals in 180 countries.

8. Brain Sensei

Brain Sensei follows a non-traditional type of structure. This course was created to form a system of learning to make it exciting and more appealing. It uses a style of storytelling to teach the curriculum and offers a 100% pass and money-back guarantee.


There are several benefits of PMP certification. You can leverage these benefits with the help of the certifications mentioned above.

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