Rotating IPs With Proxies

Rotating IPs With Proxies

The main reason that a business needs rotating proxies is to hide their identity on the web. Another great advantage of proxies is they increase the web browsing speed and enhance security around the network.

There are different types of proxies, for example, dedicated proxies and semi-dedicated proxies. Dedicated proxies give your business anonymity on the web with an anonymous IP address. These servers can provide you multiple IP addresses. Having multiple IPs enhances your security on the internet.

The reason web browsers cannot detect your business’ information and identity is that the proxy server rotates your IP address. This prevents the cookies on the web pages you visit from gathering your data from your browsing history.

While most dedicated proxies can rotate the IP addresses automatically, some of them have a manual rotation option.

Manual rotation makes it even more difficult for cookies to capture your data. However, in some cases, this may not be practical. Let’s look at what rotating proxies are and how they work.

What are Rotating Proxies?

Rotating proxies are advanced proxy servers that are mostly used for web scraping. It works in a way that allows users to create a pool of IP addresses. Your business will benefit from sending multiple requests to various websites on different web servers.

When you make multiple visits/requests during web scraping, web servers can easily detect the IP address and label it as suspicious.

Consequently, the web server may set up a security check, for example, CAPTCHA, just in case the same IP makes another request. Alternatively, it will simply block the IP address. This is where you require IP rotation.

IP rotation also allows users to access any server without geographical location restrictions. Web servers will not be able to detect the user’s identity.

Why Should You Use Rotating Proxies?

The main benefit of proxies that rotate IP addresses is that it gives a high anonymity on the internet. Also, web servers cannot detect or block them, especially during web scraping.

That said, IP rotation presents several other benefits. Intelligence companies generally collect data on a large scale to analyze activities on various websites. With IP rotation, they can work anonymously – no detection and no blocking.

Truth be told, rotating proxies may not be the first thing an SEO professional thinks is essential. However, seasoned pros should be aware of this by now. Collecting data for keyword optimization from all over the web is tedious.

In most cases, SEO specialists will handle SEO for several websites for users in various regions around the globe. IP rotation enables them to change their location so that they can obtain keyword data quickly for all these regions.

Marketing companies use software specifically made to get everyone excited about their brand. It works by assigning bots to different social media accounts, and also ‘liking’ the comments from their audience. These bots can also comment on the page.

Although businesses can do this without proxies, it will be short-lived. The reason for this is that social media platforms use special tools to detect bots.

When they realize that several accounts are operating with the same IP address, blocking is inevitable. Using proxies to rotate IP addresses will solve this issue because each bot will be assigned a different IP address for each social media account.

How to Successfully Rotate IP Addresses

Are you thinking of rotating IPs manually? If you already have multiple proxies, let’s look at how you can do this:

Check legitimacy and reliability

Before anything, your first step should be to check that your proxies are secure and reliable.

Put them in groups

Decide how many proxies you want to use for each rotation. Let’s say you have 50 reliable proxies. Put them in 10 groups of 5 each. With more proxies and more groups, you’ll have an efficient browsing experience.

Start rotating the groups

After using the IPs from the first group for a while, web servers may recognize them and start getting suspicious. Make sure you keep rotating the groups to avoid detection.

Although these steps are helpful with IP rotation, doing it manually for a business is time-consuming. You may need an IP rotation service, especially if you require a large number of rotating proxies. This is more convenient and saves you time.

With manual rotation, it’s possible to get distracted with other tasks online and forget to rotate the groups, risking to get a ban. An automated IP rotator will quickly and randomly perform the rotation without detection from web browsers.

Wrapping Up

Now you can see why your business must use proxies to rotate IP addresses. Whether you’re gathering data from your competitors, managing SEO for your clients, or handling social media accounts, you need a reliable IP rotation service.

Are you thinking of buying proxies? Dedicated proxies are your best bet. Various sites online specialize in selling them.

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