ProtonVPN for Netflix: the ultimate streaming experience

Our parents used to go to the movie theater if they wanted to enjoy a good movie when they were younger. They often brought us with them, too, to enjoy a kids’ film and spend quality family time. However, times have changed since those days, and now we can achieve similar levels of entertainment without leaving our couch.

Thanks to the rise of the internet as an all-purpose resource, online streaming platforms like Netflix appeared. The service, founded in the United States in 1997, now offers an impressive database of films, series, animated features, documentaries, and virtually any type of production you can imagine.

For only $10 per month (and the first 30 days are free, as a way of “testing” the features,) Netflix can provide us with every genre in the book: action, drama, comedy, science-fiction, kids, westerns, adventures, thrillers, suspense, and more.

Netflix even categorizes its content by nation. What does that mean? The platform has worldwide reach, as you can use it in 190 countries around the planet. However, and since a series or movie can be successful in the United States but, at the same time, not generate any interest in South Korea, for example, the catalog of available options differs from country to country.

If you are in, say, Uruguay, you won’t be able to access the American Netflix region. However, you can change that if you implement VPN technology to spoof your location and earn a US-based IP address. ProtonVPN is perfect for Netflix since it has excellent content and identity protection techniques and it is fully compatible with the streaming service.

Netflix: the planet’s largest movie database

We can thank technology, and most specifically the Internet, for platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, the BBC iPlayer, and others. However, none of them has the global penetration and collection of content that Netflix can provide.

Netflix is an American streaming service that, in exchange for a monthly subscription, offers its users a wide array of movies and series, optimized by location and understanding each market’s preferences.

It was created in California by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, in 1997. It started as a DVD rental place and, understanding the global shift towards the Internet platform, turned into an online streaming service in 2007.

Right now, the company has more than 139 million paid subscriptions worldwide, with the number approaching 150 million if we count free trials. The service is available everywhere except in mainland China, Syria, North Korea, Iran, and Crimea. 

Netflix works with studios and production companies, entities with which it comes to an agreement in the case that it wants to show a specific series or film to an audience of a determinate country.

If you are in the United States, you won’t be able to enter any other region without external help (more on that later) because any other catalog will be geo-blocked. If you want to unblock different Netflix’s libraries, you need a VPN app to spoof your location.

VPN technology and its content unblocking capabilities

Virtual Private Networks are a streamer’s best friend. It is a technology that allows the user to hide his IP address (which shows the location information) and encrypt his traffic to enhance privacy and online security.

Online streaming sites and services, including Netflix, limit their content by geographical region due to copyrights. So while some movies and series may be present in a specific country, they might be absent in other nations, preventing people from that area to watch a particular production.

Sites and streaming platforms apply geo-blocking by checking the user’s IP address. If it doesn’t match the location in which the service functions, it will not grant access or show the content. Fortunately, VPN apps manage a list of servers in countries around the world, allowing users to redirect traffic through those servers (and use their IP numbers), thereby unblocking the specific country’s content. 

So, if you want to watch American Netflix, all you’ll have to do is connect via your VPN to a server in the US. Netflix will recognize your connection request as coming from the US, and thereby allowing you to watch the content you want.

ProtonVPN: the king of online security

ProtonVPN is a Swiss-based VPN brand, known around the industry for its security-driven approach. Content protection policies and measures are top-notch and include a no-logging policy, IKEv2, and OpenVPN protocols, AES 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit RSA key exchange, SHA256 authentication, double-hop VPN configurations, split tunneling, a kill switch, and more.

ProtonVPN also allows users to access Netflix and is compatible with most platforms, such as Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux. There are four plans: free, Basic ($4 per month), Plus ($8), and Visionary ($24).

The free plan has servers in Japan, the Netherlands, and the US. The paid versions have 330 servers in 30 nations around the world, and in the case of Plus and Visionary, there are other features such as P2P allowance, Plus Servers, Secure Core, Secure Streaming, and TOR servers. You can pay with all the major credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. 

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Use ProtonVPN for Netflix streaming, and you won’t be sorry

Can you watch Netflix with ProtonVPN? Of course you can! The service is fast and can bypass Netflix’s geo-blocking. It even can help people access the holy grail known as US Netflix, and can do so reliably.

To access US Netflix, ProtonVPN has specific servers located in the United States, and they are available for Plus and Visionary members. Connecting to the closest possible server will guarantee a faster speed. Also, users of desktop devices will get to enjoy the Secure Streaming feature.

How to use ProtonVPN to watch Netflix

  • Go to ProtonVPN’s website
  • Sign up for a ProtonVPN Plus or Visionary subscription. You will need to create login credentials
  • Download and install the VPN app or client to your device
  • Go to Netflix or download the app
  • Subscribe for the service. You will get a free month (if this is your first time signing up)
  • Open the ProtonVPN service
  • Log in to your account
  • Connect to a VPN server from the country you want to open Netflix from
  • Launch the Netflix service
  • Enjoy a different Netflix region thanks to ProtonVPN

In conclusion, ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN brands on the market if you are looking for top content and data protection resources. The apps are smooth and easy to use, and there are four plans that can fit into your budget.

With ProtonVPN you can easily stream content in Netflix, the world’s biggest movie and series database. Their specialized servers make for great speeds and reliable access, allowing you to easily enjoy American Netflix whenever you want.

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