Microsoft is Buying Bonsai the AI Startup

AI (Artificial Intelligences) is the future and every IT company wants to work with AI technology. Microsoft is also started walk on the way of AI. Microsoft has agreed to acquire Bonsai, a startup focusing on the hot field of artificial intelligence. Bonsai is a small Berkeley-based startup it hopes to make the centerpiece of its AI efforts.
The company specializes in reinforcement learning, a kind of trial and error approach to teach a system within the confines of a simulation. That learning can be used to train autonomous systems to complete specific tasks. Microsoft says the acquisition will serve to forward the kind of research the company has been pursuing in the field by leveraging its Azure cloud platform (Azure is the cloud computing service by Microsoft). Bonsai’s platform combined with rich simulation tools and reinforcement learning work in Microsoft Research becomes the simplest and richest AI tool chain for building any kind of autonomous system for control and calibration tasks.

Microsoft is among a number of high-profile companies that have supported the four-year-old startup. Last year, it joined ABB, Samsung and Siemens in helping the company raise a $7.6 million round, bringing the company’s total raise up to $13.6 million.

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