Is Internet a Threat? The Ways of Internet Safety

We are living in an era where every people are involved in internet directly or indirectly. In our everyday life, we are connected to the internet using mobile, tabs, desktop and laptop. At present day internet is becoming unsafe and a digital threat to us. Don’t worry I am here, to share some unavoidable and easiest way to remain safe on the internet.
Let’s see the Steps :
Step-1: Account creation:
At first, you have to aware of creating an account on the website. Don’t create an account on an unreliable website. Because most websites collect personal information from the people by creating an account. Not only that they can also track your net browsing. So be conscious of account creation.
Step-2: Password:
Creating a password with letters, numbers and special characters will give you strong as well as unique one which trusty safe your information. Avoid using the same password in a different account. Because if one account is hacked then all others will be easily hacked due to the same password.
Step-3: Keep device locked:
Always keep your personal device like desktop, laptop, tabs, and mobile in a password protected. Before coming out from a site always log out to keep safe your device data.
Step-4: Aware in posting:
Whenever you want to post something on the internet like on FB, twitter, Instagram etc. Keep in mind there are various kinds of people in the internet world. They are from different culture, religion, demographic region. So your post should be favorable for all so that anybody doesn’t angry to you.
Step-5: Check settings:
Keep your privacy and security settings strongly so that without your favorable anybody can’t access it.
Step-6: On your firewall:
Although your network is highly secured, keep your firewall on because it can’t be broken never.
Step-7: Be aware of clicking and sharing:
Don’t click any link(s), popup without sure that, there is your required information is available. Don’t share the things which may harmful for others.
Be cautious about which photographs and recordings you share via web-based networking media locales – stay away from photographs of your home, work, school or places you’re related with.
Keep in mind, once you’ve put a photo of yourself on the web, other individuals might have the capacity to see it and download it – it may not simply be yours any longer
Step-8: Use antivirus:
Get against infection programming Ensure you have hostile to infection programming introduced on your PC and be watchful what you download or introduce on your PC.
Step-9: Erase old accounts:
Your old accounts which are not using social media account or others account to delete it.
Step-10: Keep smart your phone:
Sometime you may download the various game and apps freely by giving your personal information. So be careful in providing your information. After using the apps your phone may be damaged or hanged.
Step-11: Aware in banking and shopping:
When you purchasing or transacting in online see https:// is in web address which ensures you that you are insecure on the web page.
Final thoughts:
You have to more conscious because the accident may occur any time and your important information can be hacked. So, keep update your all information and provide your information carefully to others.

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