Industrial Curved conveyor systems

The curved conveyor systems are the power systems which are used for turning the unite loads in the continuous system of transportation flow. The design of these curved belts can ensure the high speed, low energy usage, very quiet operation and low maintenance. This design has ability to solve the problems linked with the tracking inward. It can also maintain the orientation using its curvature. The belt is designed according to the needs of customer. The components are designed in such a way that they are long lasting and consume low power. The results are very efficient, reliable as well as involve low cost.

How it works

The curved belts have both sliding and rolling components. Each of its components operate in a harmony while the rollers are in line with the sliding components, reducing the wear and reducing the energy consumption. The design of belt lets the faster changing of belts present on the assembled installations. The curved belts can transport unit loads along vertical, horizontal, declined and inclined paths.
The belts are bent at various angles, and are made with different speeds, heights, widths, and materials depending on its particular specifications.
With the use of patented design and conical pullies, the curved belts can transport the unit loads at 50 kg per minute with high reliability and silent operation. Due to the flat and compact arrangement on the conveyors, these curved belts can integrate easily with the heavy machines.

Applications of curved conveyor belts

In various parts of world, the curved conveyor belts are showing the great performance for a diverse industrial use and have developed high reliability in various applications. Whether it’s about the transportation of the baked products or the other parcels, the curved belts provide the gentle change of angle in the exact direction. It also works for the high speed conveyor applications. Some of the applications of these belts are as follows:

  • airport baggage systems
  • systems for containers and boxes
  • distributing and sorting of express parcels and delivery services
  • shipping industry
  • baking industries
  • bindery and paper printing industries
  • tracking system with patented belts
  • packaging lines
  • dry food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • intralogistics industries

The benefits of Curved Conveyor System

  • low maintenance
  • no use of lubricants for the system
  • low energy consumption – as low as 50%
  • very quiet operation – lesser than 68 dB
  • long lasting for industrial us
  • sturdy construction having less weight
  • conical drums provide maximum smoothness during its operation
  • highly optimized if you consider the space, weight, and installation
  • easy to integrate with existing and new handling mechanisms
  • fast belt changing facility – taking less than 30 minutes
  • wide range of curve angle
  • conveyor speed of 600 fpm
  • transport the load at 40 lbs. per feet

Curved conveyor systems helps industrialists to take less space and it is also cost effective in a way, let’s understand with real example from a chocolate manufacturing industry who shifted to curved systems from traditional conveyors.
This industry was using two conveyors to move packed cartons from packing hall to dispatch hall, first system was 24 feet in length, to be used to take carton out from packing hall. After coming out, cartons where shifted to another flat conveyor which was only 10 feet length. This practice were consuming double electricity, more space and also two machines means double maintenance. They moved to curved conveyor which reduced 50% of electricity consumption, maintenance, and also space.

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