How to Print from Phone to Wireless Printer: Easy & Smart Technique

Want to print something from your smartphone? But don’t want the trouble of using a computer, then read it, and you will get your right solution here.

Modern technologies have made our life so easy and convenient that we are becoming more dependent on them. And the printing option on phones nowadays is excellent in one word.

Most of the smartphones offer the facility to print directly from the phone. But still, people seem to get issues in doing printing in the right way.

So, here we come up with this context about how to print from phone to wireless printer. So, read it and do your printing from the phone as much as you wish.

How to Print from Phone to Wireless Printer

Well. Printing from the phone is not a difficult task to do. Whether you have an android or iOS phone or even tablet, we will show you the ways for both.

You will need no cable or wire. You can find here the most comfortable way.

Print From Your Android Phone/Tablet

Well, there are two options for printing from any android phone. One is using the phone’s print option, and the other is using any third-party app. We will show you both.

Method-1 for Android: Using the Phone’s Built-in Print Option

Let’s see what the steps are.

Step-1: Open the File

At first, select the file or document that you need to print. It can be any page from the browser or your phone’s data. And then open the file.

Step-2: Select the Three Dot Option or More Button

Now select the option with three dots on the upper right side of the browser page. Or you can choose the more button from the file of your phone’s document site. 

Step-3: Select Share/Share or Export

Now scroll down and find out the share option. In some mobile, it may be as share or export. Select it.

Step-4: Find Out & Choose Print Option

After you select the share option, you will see some buttons come up to choose from them. Among them, find the print option and select it.

Step-4: Select Your Printing Preferences

Now you will get an interface like searching for printers. Here you can select the option from upperside and give printing preferences like how many pages do you need to print, printing paper size, etc.

Step-5: Connect Your Printing Device

After a few seconds, you will see your phone is showing the list of printers available thereby. Among them, choose your device and select to start printing.

Well, while doing this step, make sure your printing device is connected to your WiFi or the same network that your phone is using. Otherwise, your phone can’t be able to find your device.

Method -2 for Android: Using the Cloud Print App

In case your phone can’t find your printing device, then you can use any plugin, such as any app featured on your printing device. Or you can use the Cloud Print app by Google. And this app is a universal app that supports almost all the printing devices.

To print using this app what you need to do is

  • Go to Google Play Store and download the app.
  • Turn it on by selecting the slide button on the right side
  • Add the printer to it and choose to start printing

Print From Your iPhone/iPad

iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. have a feature called AirPrint built-in. So, using the Airprint option, you can easily print anything from your iOS device.

So, keep going to know the steps.

Method -1 for iOS Users: Using the AirPrint Option

Let’s see the steps for printing using the built-in print option of the iOS devices.

Step-1: Go to Safari & Select the Document

Go to Safari and select the document or file you want to print.

Step-2: Tap the Botton Square Button

Once you open your file in the iOS device, select the bottom square button with an arrow pointing upwards.

Step-3: Scroll left or Right & Find Print

Then, a box with some options will come up. From them, scroll left or right and find the print option. Then tap it.

Step-4: Tap Printer to add Printing Device

If your device has already connected to any printing device before then, it will show it here. Otherwise, tap the printer option to add your printer.

You must ensure that your printer machine is already connected to your WiFi network or the same network that your phone is using.

Step-5: Tap Print to Start Printing

After you have added the printer machine, tap print on the upper right side, and it will start printing.

In this way, you can print from any iOS devices to your wireless printer.

Method -2 for iOS Users: Using the Dropbox

However, if you need to print from any other file or Chrome, then you need to import  the pdf page to dropbox and then follow the steps below

  • Save the file to dropbox
  • Select the option with three dots on the top right sire
  • Select the export option
  • And then you will see the print option

After that, you can print by following steps-3, 4, and 5 shown in Option-1 for iOS users.

Every time you try to print from your android phone or iOS featuring device, always be sure that you have connected your printer to the ethernet or the same WiFi network. Oh, there are several all in one wireless printer nowadays, do such multi-tasks that can ease your work.

Final Words

Though people are reducing the use of paper for saving trees, we still sometimes feel the need for printing. Using wireless features and the fast process of printing, such as from phone to printer, has saved a lot of our time.

And in this writing, you will find how to print from phone to wireless printer for both android and iOS devices.

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