How to Attract — and Retain — the Best Tech Talent

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What’s harder than finding the best tech talent? Retaining them. With a rising demand for technology professionals, companies are having a harder time fulfilling tech-based roles. One reason for such demand is, of course, the increase in development of technological infrastructures. Even before the pandemic, businesses were looking for ways to reach global audiences. Now, on-demand platforms are almost essential to a thriving company. 

It goes without saying that technology changes every day. What is new and cool at this moment, is outdated the next. Just think about the iPhone for a minute. Every year, Apple comes out with a new model that is superior to the prior version. Those adept in the technology space are all too familiar with being on the forefront of creation and discovery. It’s what makes working in this field exciting, and it’s also why companies are seeking these professionals for countless roles.  

Before you get discouraged, remember that there are candidates well-versed in technology out there. You just have to find them and retain them. This task is easier said than done, but this article will help. Keep reading to discover how you can source the best technology talent and keep them with your company for years to come. 

1. Have Strong Brand Values

At any given time, tech professionals are qualified for numerous job openings. One way your company can stand out from the rest is by having strong brand values. This means knowing what is important to your brand and how it is working to impact the future. For example, Ben & Jerry’s is well-known for their distinct voice, one that prides itself in giving back to better the world. People looking to make a difference — and be part of a company that values fun — would be enticed by Ben & Jerry’s unmistakable values. 

If you’re a new brand, take some time establishing your values. Know how you are different from the competition and why your brand matters. In today’s climate, it’s more than just selling a great product and providing good customer service. Consumers and employees expect brands to give back and support a greater mission. 

When it comes to technology recruiting, communicating your brand’s values throughout the job interview process is vital. Make sure your values are highlighted on the job section of your website and are included within each job posting. During interviews, ask questions about why an employee is attracted to your brand, mentioning once again the company’s values. After all, you want new hires to be a match for your company’s culture, as this will help retain them as well. 

2. Empower Employees

Nobody likes to feel stuck. This is especially true for those in innovative industries like technology. Even if the idea seems crazy at first, it’s how innovation happens. Just a few years ago, voice assistants seemed like a far-fetched concept. But can you imagine life without Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google’s Assistant? 

Empowering employees to think for themselves and present creative ideas is one way to obtain and then retain talent. This means employees can take initiative of digital developments and even shape the future business. For many technology professionals, having the ability to create and design on their own can be an attractive selling point. Moreover, research shows that employees who think they work for an innovative company have higher job satisfaction. 

During the hiring process, be sure to talk about this empowerment perspective. Use real-life examples of employees or teams who recently worked on something interesting. Or, perhaps mention that your company hosts a yearly hackathon day or pays for employees to attend innovative conferences.

3. Avoid Over Promising 

It’s no secret that companies are expanding their benefits in the post-pandemic world. Hybrid or fully remote roles are commonplace, as are better health benefits and paid parental leave coverage. However if you are a small startup, it can be challenging to meet these rising benefit standards. It may be tempting to sell the tech role while fibbing a bit along the way. However, this will only hurt you and the company. 

Even if leadership is planning to expand benefits, you can’t be certain about the details until it’s official. You can mention that benefits are expanding in the near future, but that’s about as far as you should go. Once an employee is hired and realizes what you promised isn’t the truth, they will feel blindsided and are more likely to leave. They also may tell their connections about their bad experience, generating a poor reputation for your brand. 

The best way to attain quality tech talent is to be transparent with them from the start. If you aren’t able to deliver on all of their job expectations, let them know. Tell them exactly what they can expect in the role and what they will be doing on an everyday basis. Nothing beats honesty, so treat candidates as you would like to be treated throughout the hiring process.  


Tech talent is in high demand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect candidate for your role. It may, however, take a bit more time and dedicated effort. And yet, once the ideal employee is hired and on the team, you’ll know the effort paid off. Not to mention, you’ll see how their expertise is advantageous to your overall business. 

Once a tech professional is hired, be sure to follow up with them every few weeks after their initial onboarding. Reaching out and making sure they are happy is one way to show that you care. It may also be a good idea to host a quarterly event, such as a happy hour or trivia night, with all new employees to build camaraderie. Because the more employees feel welcomed and connected, the more likely they will stay with the company.   

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