How to Ace the English Article Writing Task

How to Ace the English Article Writing Task

The English article writing task tests a student’s ability to write an article based on a particular topic. In this exam, students will attempt to write a lengthy composition, a long article, which may include visual or verbal input. Students can expand on the input, which can come in a figure, diagram, or cartoon. The examiner’s input is meant to provide clues for the development of the article, such as a topic on which people are passionate.


When drafting a new article, you should pay special attention to paragraphs in English article essay writing service. A paragraph is a series of sentences that support one central idea. Transitions into new ideas should occur within a new paragraph. You can use one paragraph to discuss one idea and its supporting evidence or multiple paragraphs to elaborate on various points. However, it is best to write each paragraph as though it were a single piece and relate to the overall topic.

The three basic parts of a paragraph are called the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. A well-structured essay generally follows the three-part structure of a research paper. Each of these parts plays a crucial role in communicating meaning to the reader. However, there are exceptions. Listed below are some guidelines to keep in mind when writing a paragraph:


When presenting ideas to readers, organization patterns can be helpful. Organization can apply to paragraphs or larger units of discourse. Some examples of the effective organization include general-specific, specific-general, chunks, labeled sections, and whole text. The specific-general organization gives readers specific information, while the general-specific organization presents a general conclusion. The best organizational style for a given written piece depends on the purpose of the article and the intended audience.

The organization is an essential component of long-form writing. The reader must be able to understand and absorb the content without feeling overwhelmed. An article that lacks organization is less likely to make an impact. There are many tips for improving organization in English article writing. Here are three tips to make your articles more effective:


If you want to write an article that will capture readers’ attention, the first step is to know the rules of English article writing style. The standard length of a paragraph in English is eight to ten words, including spaces. It is recommended to write headlines in shorthand rather than full sentences, as it can be hard to make sense of a paragraph that’s too long. Also, make sure that the paragraphs are related and that the flow of ideas must be seamless.

There are two major writing styles: expository and descriptive. Expository writing aims to explain a process, provide an opinion, or impart knowledge to a wider audience. On the other hand, descriptive writing appeals to readers’ senses and evokes a mental picture. This style of article writing is best suited for articles that explain or share a certain process. In addition, a descriptive article appeals to a reader’s emotions, such as expressing gratitude or admiration.


Referencing is an important part of writing any article, especially when you need to refer to other sources. In-text references include the surname of the author and publication date. In many cases, this information is easy to find; it is typically located near the title of an article in a print journal or online journal. Use the Harvard style when citing sources. There are many other citation styles that you can use to make your articles look professional.

There are a variety of styles for providing references in your articles, and the choice of citation style depends on the genre. For example, humanities and social sciences writers often integrate references into the running text, while scientists typically provide source information in notes. In either style, citations must provide basic information. For example, if you’re writing about television or the environment, you’d reference Slobodkin, Lawrence B. A Citizen’s Guide to Ecology.

Indefinite articles

Indefinite articles in English writing refer to general nouns that do not have a specific object. They are not used with words that contain consonants or vowels, such as “a bicycle.” In the example above, ‘an ugly man was smoking a pipe does not refer to an individual lion but a species as a whole. If you’d like to know more about this term, read the book Practical English Usage.

There are two forms of indefinite articles in English: one and none. Generally, the former is used with singular countable nouns, while the latter uses uncountable nouns. In writing, the indefinite article has many uses. It is a common linguistic tool for introducing noncountable and general singular nouns. Despite being a useful tool for improving article content, knowing how to use it can be confusing properly.


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