How Has Augmented Reality Become Mainstream in 2021

Augmented Reality

Many of us shop online and conduct regular tasks using augmented reality, even though we might not be aware of it. Camera-assisted browsing, targeted data tracking,  customer support chat through a store’s mobile app, and branded filters are all examples of ways AR has permeated the ecommerce, consumer goods, entertainment, and services spheres. 

Here are a few influential ways augmented reality technology has been driving the mainstream market.


The pandemic may have forever changed the way Amercains shop for, well, everything. Groceries, furniture, appliances, cars, and even homes can be purchased online from start to finish. Augmented reality is improving upon existing ecommerce systems and processes by adding an extra layer of support. 

By providing targeted product suggestions based on the user’s online shopping habits, augmented reality apps that use machine learning are able to shave the time between browsing and checking out. 

Augmented reality also allows online retailers to highlight their unique branding in more creative ways. On-screen advertising and customer support chat windows combine helpful information with interactive elements to boost brand awareness.

Online Lending and Banking

Just like shopping is making the seamless transition to becoming online, the banking industry is following closely behind. It’s possible to compare rate quotes, apply for financing, negotiate loan terms, and refinance existing credit lines with just the tap of a mobile app and a few online forms. 

In just a couple of steps, consumers can log on and prequalify auto loan rates, car financing, new credit cards, and more.

The online lending and banking industries use AR apps to guide customers through the application and training processes. This helps consumers become more empowered and informed through an increased access to financial education. 

Making the right financial decisions often comes down to choosing the right steps from the very beginning. Opening the lending and finance industries to the online marketplace has made this sector more accessible than ever.

Mobile Games

Do you play any free, downloadable games on your mobile phone? If so, this is another part of our lives that is being shaped by AR innovation.

Pokemon Go is probably the most popular mobile augmented reality game in recent pop culture, but there are a variety of AR games on mobile stores today. These games work by using the phone’s camera to apply digital elements to the user’s direct line of sight. 

Instead of requiring additional equipment like virtual reality and other tactile games, augmented reality is a digital extension of what we’re already experiencing in real life. And, usually a mobile device and internet connection is all the consumer needs for a full experience.

Because of this, mobile gaming with augmented reality is often more affordable – and requires less bandwidth – than comparable console or virtual reality platforms. 


The job market has seen a major shift in 2020, as the bulk of American companies sent at least part of their workforce online. To boost collaboration and keep morale high, some companies are utilizing augmented reality to improve internal processes, facilitate task automation, and help workers connect in a more personal way

Facebook is already testing these augmented reality features to ensure that employees are working at peak productivity, with optimal conditions. Faster troubleshooting, real-time reporting, and improved digital user interfaces are a few reasons why companies are trying out AR-enabled software systems and programs. 

In an AR-assisted digital work environment, multiple teams/employees can collboarated to manipulate digital renders, simulate face-to-face meetings, and make virtual edits and suggestions in real time.

Using augmented reality to assist IT operations is also proven to help improve user engagement and accountability, in a short amount of time.

No matter where you stand in the global consumer market, augmented reality has probably already reached you one way or another. Whether you use it to drive more safely, or to order the weekly groceries, AR technology is becoming intertwined into the American way of life.

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