Features of iMind as a Video Conferencing tool and User Feedback

Features of iMind as a Video Conferencing tool and User Feedback

These days it is very important to have a stable online network connection. Owing to the general pandemic and the overall trend of getting people to work remotely, conference calls, appointments and interviews are preferably or even essentially online. Which is why you definitely need a reliable video conferencing platform like iMind. This is a sustainable communication service that provides online chat for businesses, has amazing reviews and gives the participant all the features they could want from a video conference tool for businesses.

iMind Features 

So what features are accessible on the chosen platform?

Below is a list of general prerequisites that any video conference tool should have:

  • affordable space for multiple members;
  • work for representatives from different offices;
  • is able to schedule a discussion;
  • has screen sharing function;
  • function of recording;
  • sound suppression;
  • dialogue function or chats;
  • native volume.

With iMind, you meet all the necessary prerequisites for your pro video conference to be joining it as a contestant. 

The Reasons You Should Select iMind

The iMind is a forward-thinking tool designed to suit even the most demanding users. So why should you choose it over anyone else? The response is straightforward. 

Have a look at the list of advantages of using iMind:

  • Meetings in one button click – not much needs to be done to get started. Press the link and there you are, there you are. You are participating in the conversation;
  • There are no undesirable attendees – see who’s going to join you and only then decide if you want to split the meeting with them;
  • Safe – iMind works with short single-use codes instead of infinite passwords. Such codes are more difficult to break;
  • More than 1 screen to share – and yes, to share multiple screens with an audience at the very beginning.

These aren’t all the perks you can get with the use of the iMind framework. Try it yourself to find out even more.

Reviews of the Conference Software Platform iMind

The iMind is great from the very outset. In order to prove this, you can go and check out tons of trusted testimonials from users all over the world who call and talk through this platform.  

Regarding the video conferencing tool itself for companies, they are mostly positive. To be more concrete, people like the high-quality sound and video, the ease of use, the rich features even for the free version, and the high level of security. However, the platform does have some drawbacks as well. But mainly they concern lags when too many people are connected and other glitches occurring in the app or browser. Nonetheless, all reviewers claim to have had a positive overall experience with the platform iMind.


Now, if we’re talking about an efficient, stable video conferencing service – iMind is the best choice. This gives everything a student, businessperson or employee could need for seamless communication.

In discussing state-of-the-art video meeting tools, it is easy to get confused as to which features or options are most useful. Individual teams or individuals consider individual requirements on a case-by-case basis. But as iMind reviews and the popularity of the platform suggest, iMind is one of the most universal tools for running online business conferences. At last, try it out for yourself and see for yourself!

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