Exploring the Top Popular Board Portals in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

Exploring the Top Popular Board Portals in Canada

Virtual boardroom is a modern technology that is increasingly being used by societies. More and more new users from Canada are ready to dare to explore and understand the peculiarities of the functioning of this hitherto unknown software. Although the general idea may seem elementary in theory, in practice some users face difficulties in using such portals.

That’s why we’ve prepared a special comprehensive guide where we’ve collected and analyzed the main features of the most popular virtual meeting rooms chosen by most Canadian businesses. The guide contains a list of popular board portals in Canada with the best software and the impact that the introduction of virtual platforms can have on a company’s business model.

Concept and features of virtual meeting portals

Virtual board software is a platform that uses a special combination of modern technologies to create a unique virtual space for the integrated functioning of a company. Such portals have a large set of various tools, among which one of the most popular will be the ability to hold virtual online meetings.

Every year, the use of the board portal and the format of online virtual meetings and other working conferences is gaining more and more supporters due to its special advantages. After all, such software combines such basic factors as comfort, an adequate level of security, multifunctionality, accessibility, and a relatively simple user interface.

The information portal Yahoo Finance in one of its materials noted that “The Global Board Portal Market was valued at USD 2190.85 Million in the year 2021. The increasing digitalization of work processes and information flooding is expected to drive the demand for board portals for simpler and safer access to any information without any constraint of time and place”.

The innovative availability of modern technologies for use in such projects has been the driving factor behind the introduction of innovative changes and the popularization of board management software. That is why today there are so many developers in the virtual platform market that it is difficult to decide whom to choose.

Top of the best virtual boards in Canada

Modern society is striving to do work as quickly and efficiently as possible. And for this purpose, it is important to use all available tools, including innovative technologies. That is why the developers of modern board portal software pay special attention to the efficiency of their platform so that large corporations and global companies become interested and want to use it.

However, as the demand from the audience grows, so does the supply from developers. Therefore, to help with the choice, we offer the Top 3 most popular online virtual boards that are most often chosen in Canada:

1. iDeals.

One of the most popular platforms both in Canada and in the world. The developer pays special attention to user comfort and system security. To do this, iDeals offers two-factor authentication, separate permissions for users, remote cleaning, and more. Particularly noteworthy is the clear planning of the meeting: from the agenda and the development of invitations to the automatic meeting protocol and statistics of completed tasks.

2. BoardVantage

The key features of the platform are ease of use, affordable price-performance ratio, responsible customer support, and high functionality. Users will have access to tools such as working with electronic signatures, online voting, creating polls and questionnaires, detailed meeting reports, and much more.

3. Loomio

This developer entered the market of virtual meeting platforms in 2011 and since then has been constantly improving its tools for working with clients. The company offers convenient functionality for simplifying the work with documentation, organizing and conducting working meetings, polls, and voting, which will help to optimize the work process and increase team efficiency.

Each of these platforms was created for one common purpose – namely, to help companies optimize their workflow. However, it is up to the developer to choose the method or tools to do so.

In addition to the standard difference in the interface, portals will also differ in price, level of customer support, and functional set. Therefore, before making a decision, a company should analyze its needs, expectations, and, most importantly, financial capabilities.

Factors to consider when choosing a board portal

In order to get the best possible results from using a specialized portal for an online board meeting, a company should carefully study its own team needs. After all, the richness of functionality, room specialization, and other aspects will directly depend on the company’s field of work, its needs, and objectives. And these aspects should be given special attention.

Instead, it is also important to select a software developer that meets the client’s vision and can satisfy all business needs. In particular, the Diligent platform, which also specializes in optimizing board meetings, advises clients to pay attention to the following factors:

Intuitive software and easy creation of a unique virtual board;

  • Accessibility on any device;
  • Ability to control access to information and change the status of users;
  • Paperless meeting solution: control of all stages of planning, organizing, and conducting a working meeting;
  • Modern security system.

These and other aspects will help you choose a truly high-quality platform with a responsible approach to each client.

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