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Employee Scheduling Software

Our world is becoming more digital. Much of our private life has already entered this era. Our entertainment, shopping, and even social life have shifted into virtual places. With COVID-19, many businesses had to take a hard look at their digitization status when they had to create home office solutions like virtual meetings. But many of the management structures still rely on paper-based work or computer programs like Excel.

By now, systems like these are inefficient and environmentally wasteful. It is time for a digital revolution for HR tasks. Digital staff management software is a great solution to help create a modern and efficient workplace. 

Good reasons to digitize HR planning

Planning a rota schedule online has many beneficial factors, such as:

Reduced Costs

There are several reasons why digital staff planning will improve your budget. They include:

  • freeing up time – Whoever is responsible for creating staff rosters in your business right now, chances are they have qualifications for more important work. Staff rostering is, in many cases, just some busywork that has to be done. With an automated digital staff management software, the responsible person can free up time for more critical things.
  • less resources spent – You can cut paper waste, printer ink and maintenance, folders, storage space and much more when you switch from paper rosters to a digital solution.
  • less human error – A staff rostering software is programmed to create the most beneficial rosters for shifts and their specific demands. It can incorporate the skills of employees and which tasks they can work on. It also has the information about who has worked how much and when they would be up for overtime of exceeding the salary budget you had planned for them. No more negative fallout from over or understaffing shifts.

Improved Productivity

The software will create shifts that give the employees an adequate workload and fulfill any necessary requirements. On top of that, the shifts will be built in a way that gives each employee enough downtime to reduce the risk of burn-out. Shifts will not be understaffed, leaving the staff less stressed. Additionally, the program can consider the employees’ preferred work hours. The staff will not be burdened by stressful shifts and work times they would not have agreed to, leaving them more motivated and productive.


Most staff rostering software can be accessed via browser or app. The HR manager has their specific access, while the employees can look at the staff rostering from their side, each being able to enter information. HR can configure the service, create rosters and share the information with the staff. The staff can look at coming rosters and enter their own availabilities, choose shifts and even clock in if time registration is featured.

The rosters are available 24/7 and updated in real time. This way, both employee and employees can react to any change immediately.

Data Security

For some businesses, especially when cash is involved, it can be dangerous to leave staff roster information vulnerable. You would not want to have somebody with criminal intent know when the least employees are scheduled. A good digital staff management software will offer encryption and protection for the virtual data.

Ease of Shift Swaps

Creating a shift roster is one thing. The really challenging part for HR managers is switching things up in an existing roster when something has changed. Some might just take one available employee and plug them in a sudden opening, but forget to look at the ramifications. Does the second person have the same abilities? How much have they already worked this month? Will they be missing from another important shift if they use up their hours now?

A digital staff management software can keep track of these things easily and notify the employer when a choice would result in a negative outcome. Additionally, staff can easily opt in and out of shifts or the willingness to fill in for others on short notice.

Get staff involved

Using a staff rostering software is a great way to build trust. You can allow the employees to mark their availability and preferred work hours, and even have them pick or apply for their favored shifts. This way, you give them a say in their day-to-day scheduling and make it easier for them to plan their private life. The staff will feel and built a sense of trust and work with improved morale and productivity. Chances are, they will stay loyal to your business for longer.


A digital staff management software for rostering helps modern businesses save costs and increase productivity. The software is specifically designed to create the most efficient and beneficial staff schedules. It keeps track of data, demands, qualifications and work hours and finds the best solution for any given shift. This way, shift rosters guarantee an adequate workload and the most beneficial distribution of available workers.

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