Digital Nomads: Freelancing While You Travel

Digital Nomads

Over the last few years – and specifically last 18 months – the way we work has changed fundamentally.

The debate between remote working and office working rages on, but for some savvy freelancers remote working opens up the whole world – literally.

The concept of being a digital nomad is not particularly new, but as we’ve all been couped up for too long, many people are looking forward to working on the move in the future.

From the best roles to choose for freelancing on the go, to tips for freelance survival, we look at how to be a digital nomad.

Bets roles for freelancing and travelling

Jobs such as computer programming, content writing, graphic design and social media marketing can all be done by freelancers who are traveling.

These are by no means the only roles, but the essential component to being a digital nomad, is being able to do your role without a static location.

Tips for travelling and freelancing

Get your tax status right

When working in other countries, it is important that your tax status is still correct with HMRC and your bank.

Register as self employed

As a UK resident or citizen, you need to ensure that you are registered as self-employed to freelance.

You can do this quickly online, but it is best to do it long before you jet off.

Invest in the right kit

From laptops, hard drives and even portable Raspberry Pi computer kits to cameras and lenses, you need the right kit for the type of job you´ll be doing.

Insure your equipment

Get the right level of insurance coverage for your equipment so you’re covered if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

Communicate on their time

Your clients might be located all over the world. Be prepared to have meetings at irregular times of day across time zones.

Be clear when you’re off-grid

Inevitably, there may be days when you’re without internet connection. Make sure you communicate this to clients.

Stick to a schedule

Just like working at an office, you should try to adhere to a schedule when you’re working on the go.

Be proactive about finding work

Being a freelancer is all about making the connections necessary to find the work you need. Be proactive about networking and finding remote jobs.

Enjoy your travels

Traveling and freelancing is not always easy, but it should be enjoyable.

You are out exploring the world, so no matter how much or little work you have, remember to enjoy the adventure.

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