Coolest Car Accessories You Should Consider For Your Machine

Coolest Car Accessories

Looking for the coolest accessories to add to your car? There are several gadgets you can use to pimp your car and make it more functional. When you go out on a road trip, the ride will be smoother, safer, and more enjoyable. You will be able to charge your devices, organize things in the car, and drive more safely. But first, you need to research the best automotive accessories and products to know what to buy. Here are the types of accessories you may want to install in your cars.

1. Car Night Vision System

A car night vision system can make a difference when it comes to detecting animals, cyclists, pedestrians, and other moving things that the headlamps might miss. They detect moving objects close to the road and turn headlamps in the right direction to alert you of looming danger. After detecting moving objects, some night vision systems may display an image on the dashboard. If passive, the night vision may detect objects at a distance of up to 300 meters. There is no better way to ensure road safety.

2. Radar Detectors

Who likes being caught off-guard by overzealous law enforcement officers? A radar detector is a device you can use to detect if the police are monitoring your speed through a radar gun. Once you know someone is watching, you will be able to reduce your speed long before you get a ticket for speeding. Most of the available radar detectors integrate Bluetooth, GPS, smartphone integration, and other technologies. In addition to helping you avoid speeding tickets, the gadgets also help you avoid driving hazards.

3. Bluetooth Tire Pressure Gauge

To drive safely all the time, you need the right tire pressure. If you choose a manual tire pressure gauge, you will have to alight from the car to check the pressure. A Bluetooth pressure gauge conveniently connects with your smartphone or monitor to ensure you do not alight to check the tire pressure. When the pressure drastically drops from the set level, the device will alert you about it. You can then stop your car and increase the tire pressure to the desired level.

4. USB Charger

When on a road trip, you need an effective way to charge your electronic gadgets. It is recommended that you buy a car USB charger. When the charge in your phone goes down, you can simply plugin and boost it. The number of USB ports may range from one to as many as possible. If you have many electronic gadgets to charge, make sure the device has lots of ports. 

5. Dash Cam

With a dashcam, you can get continuous video footage of what’s happening in front and at the back of your car. From its name, a dashcam is mounted on a car’s dashboard. As soon as you turn the ignition key, the dashcam will start recording whatever comes in front of it. It keeps recording clips divided into 3-minute segments. The videos are then stored in a micro SD card for future reference. When something happens, you can present video evidence to exonerate yourself from it.

6. Coffee Maker

Are you an ardent coffee consumer? You need an in-car coffee maker. Regardless of how far you are from your home, you will still be able to make a cup of coffee. The coffee maker requires plugging into a 12-volt car cigarette lighter. Before using it, you should ensure that your car is standing still with the handbrake engaged. Since this kind of coffee maker is small in size, it can only make a cup or so of coffee.

7. Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter

With an audio cassette Bluetooth adapter, you can play music from devices such as MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, and so on. Some models do more than just playing music. You can use them to change volume, selects songs to play, and answer phone calls. The adapter is slotted into a USB port on the audio cassette player before linking it with a device such as a smartphone. 

8. Backseat Car Organizer

You might be finding it hard to store some of the smaller items in your car. A backseat car organizer is great when it comes to storing food, tablets, toys, and other items. It organizes and declutters your car, making it tidy and habitable. The organizers come with multiple compartments including removable zippered pockets. Since they hold virtually everything, they will help you to avoid untidy car seats and floors.

As you can see, there are so many cool gadgets you can use in your car. Depending on the type you choose, they can make your vehicle more habitable and enjoyable to drive around. So, ensure you have all the gadgets you need in your car.

Editors note: If you don’t already have good car insurance, that is something we highly recommend before making any modifications to your car. As there may be clauses that prevent certain modifications, better to be safe than sorry!

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