Cool Tech Gadgets That You Can Buy In 2023

Cool Tech Gadgets That You Can Buy In 2023

Technology keeps on getting better and this is a very exciting time to be alive, as ultra-cool gadgets emerge into the marketplace. These gadgets and devices are designed to make our lives easier and if you are looking to buy the ultimate gift for the person who has everything, check out the following tech gadgets that you can order online.

ü  Hexagon Light Panels – Govee make a chic set of LED hexagonal lights that can be controlled by your smartphone; there are 28 different light pre-settings, offering a wide range of colours. A single power adapter can power up to 12 panels and this gadget is perfect for the person who wants unique lighting ambience. You can pre-set the colour range using your smartphone and over time, you can add more sections.

ü  Men’s Smart Wallet – Wallets have evolved over time, keeping up with the times and the latest generation of smart wallets are GPS enabled, so you can never lose it! There is a rigid section for your credit cards and finding a card is no longer the hassle it once was. Using a mobile app, you can track the location of your wallet when you misplace it around the home.

ü  Male Masturbator – Perfect for the single guy, the Fleshlight male sex toy offers the ultimate in masturbation sensation; the inner sleeve is removeable and can be cleaned with warm water. There are units for women too, search online to find a leading sex toy supplier and order something for yourself or a good friend.

ü  Smart Webcam for Video conferencing – This is a lot more than just a webcam; it is also a personal videographer, with sophisticated AI tracking, the device can be used at home or the office, suitable for remote classes, personal video calls and livestreaming. This amazing device works with Windows and Mac OS and is fully compatible with all digital platforms, such as YouTube, Tik-Tok, Zoom and Google Meet.

ü  Portable Air-Conditioning Unit – We all know that global warming is a thing and what better way to handle the heat than your very own portable A/C unit? This unit gives you 9 hours of air-conditioning on a single water fill; place the unit by your bed on a hot summer night to enjoy the coolness that this chic unit delivers. The LED lights make this a very cool gadget and great value at under $100.

ü  Evo Men’s Shaver – This has to be the smallest electric razor ever invented! A travel shaver that recharges via USB with a 6000RPM motor that leaves your skin as smooth as silk; what’s not to like about such a gadget? Perfect for the man who is on his way to an important meeting and wants to remove that 5 o’clock shadow. Easy to store and easy to charge, the unit gives you 90 minutes use on a single charge.

The above are just a few of the amazing gadgets that you can order online; Google can help you track down any of the above devices, which make for great gifts for either yourself or someone you know.

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