Cool Apps Every Teenage Girl Must Have in 2021

Apps Every Teenage Girl Must Have

Teenage is the age of learning, planning your future, and living life on your own terms and conditions. We have smartphones to invest time on social media, play games, and stay connected with friends. But we can also use a smartphone for a lot more things including learning, security, camera, and more.

These days, technology, mobile phones, and the Internet are playing important roles in building personality. You have access to Information, an easy way to learn things, join a community of like-minded people, and make awesome friends. There are lots of apps to try, but we think there are a few apps that every teenage girl must have on the phone.

We have considered several categories before making this list and I am sure these apps will become an important part of your daily life. This is the list of cool apps for teenage girls. Some of these apps are for enjoyment, some for grooming, and some for learning new things. I hope you will love this list of apps for teenage girls and enjoy them. Do tell me about your experience with these apps in the comments.

Best Apps for Teenage Girl

Below is the list of best apps for teenage girls that one can use to make their smartphone more useful and interesting.

1. Color Splash Effect:

If you are a selfie lover or photography freak teenage girl, this app is for you. With the splash effect app, you can go viral with your friends on social media. This app lets you select a specific color for your photo and make it unique. By using touch you can select the specific color and other colors on the photo will disappear which gives a beautiful picture as an output.

The Color Splash technique allows you to create unique dramatic photos with selective colors. This app has a unique shape splash feature. that highlight color with the desired shape and get a stunning color pop effect.

2. Flo Period Tracker

Flo period tracker is very easy to use. You can track your period with this app and also keep your eyes on your daily health and weight issues by entering data on daily basis. It also tracks your number of steps on daily basis.

You can use a calendar, schedule cycle, and record your moods and PMs symptoms. You can also manage your lifestyle: add your daily sleep duration, water consumption, and physical activity. There are many articles related to health issues that can help you in dealing with your problems. There are coaches and experts who can guide you with your issues.

In short, it takes full control of your health and helps you to live a healthy life. Being a teenage girl, you must use this app.

3. Best Hairstyles step by step

This best hairstyle app has some cool hairstyles for teenage girls. Every hairstyle has step by step pictorial representation that helps you in making a good hairstyle. These hairstyles are simple and look classy. You can easily make them yourself. With these latest trendy hairstyles, you can rock in your college with your friends.

You can do a simple braid, Dutch and French braid, fishtail braid, ponytails and braids, different buns and braids with updo hair. These hairstyles may popular you in your college and other girls will definitely feel jealous of you.

4. Makeup Videos Tutorial App

Everyone wants to look beautiful and makeup is a nice way to enhance your beauty and confidence. This Makeup tutorial app is very simple to use and has good makeup tutorials for you. There are different tips, tricks, and insights with easy to follow Makeup Tutorials. You can follow these makeup tutorials and get very good knowledge about makeup. This will make you popular in your college and also helps to gain confidence. Do not miss this app in your list of best apps for teenage girls.

5. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Teenage is the age of learning and if you have an interest in learning a new language this Duolingo app is for you. You can improve your communication skills in any language with this app. This is the best app for teenage girls like you. It contains tutorials on Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English language. You can practice your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills while doing any other work.

6. Wattpad

Wattpad is for those teenage girls who have an interest in reading and writing. It is a global community for readers and writers. You can find stories related to your interest, like romance, science fiction, comedy, mystery or anything. It is the best platform to tell your own story to the world and listen to their stories. You can create a new draft, add chapters to an existing story or add a cover.

7. Tik Tok

If you are a fun-loving teenage girl or want to try in the acting field, this app is perfect for you. or Tik-Tok is the world’s largest creative platform and it is a very popular app among teenage girls. You can make your own video on famous dialogue or songs and upload it here.

You can gain millions of followers and can become popular in a short time. This app has categories like music, comedy, talent (sing, dance, magic, etc.), fashion & beauty, vlog, and animals. Also, you can earn money by using this app.

NOTE: India has banned this app, you can use Instagram reel or other Indian platforms for making short videos.

8. TimeTune – Optimize Your Time

Yeah, I know doing work as per timetable is a little bit boring. But it increases productivity, improves daily routine, and also helps you in doing more things with your time. You can perform plenty of tasks in a single day with this TimeTune app. TimeTune uses Time management skills based on daily routines and it is suitable for everyone who values their time.

This app has full customization for each notification independently (vibrations, sound, personal message, pop-up window, and even voice). So, every teenage girl must have this app on her mobile phone.

9. Study Music -Memory Booster

Music is the best and powerful creation for human by the human. Yes, with party music, sad music, and Love music, there is also music for relaxing, focusing, concentrating, and better learning. This Study music app is for building concentration and boosting memory. It has natural sounds like running water, raindrops, and more music that increase cognition and improves your memorization. It also has different songs for different tasks such as Focus, Study and Creates, and much more. Being a teenage girl, you must use this app.

10. Awoken – Lucid Dreaming Tool

Do you want to learn Lucid Dreaming and understand your dreams better? Awoken is the tool to do that. Awoken is a lucid dreaming guide with a free dream diary, cloud sync, lucid dreaming info, and techniques to achieve clear dreams. This app gives a silent notification each morning to start recollecting your dream. You can keep your journal entries in a searchable list and protect your dreams if needed with this app. There are reminders that analyze your surroundings so that you can learn to check if you are dreaming.

11. Women Safety

This is the women’s safety app and every girl or woman should have such kind of app on their mobile. Nowadays, the latest smartphone has this app inbuilt but if your smartphone doesn’t have this app, you should download the best one.

This Women Safety app automatically sends an alert message to your dear ones when you are in danger. It always keeps an eye on you. It informs and updates your close ones if you are in an unsafe place.

The app captures 2 pictures, one with the front camera and the other with the back camera, and a video or audio clip. The app uploads it to the server. The app sends an e-mail to preconfigured email ID(s) along with your location and a link to Google Map, a link to the pic, audio, or video by just a tap of a button.

12. AppLock

AppLock, designed by Domobile is the famous App lockers for android. It supports 45 languages in over 50 countries and has a simple interface. The users can lock any app with this as well as they can lock WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, etc. You can protect your data by applying a password, pattern, fingerprint lock. You can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls, photos, videos, and any app you choose.

As a girl, you should protect your smartphone from unknown access to it. This is the must-have app for girls for security purposes.

13. Myntra or any shopping app

There are many online shopping apps that are best to buy clothes online and Myntra is one of them. This app has all kinds of dresses, jeans, western clothes, Indian clothes, and many more. This app has fast delivery, amazing collections, and quality, and good customer assistance.

14. Pinterest

If you’re planning your next big travel adventure, looking for fashion & fitness tips, searching for home design concepts, or checking out new recipes, Pinterest is the best option. There are billions of ideas on Pinterest on different topics like Home design, architecture & DIY, Creative wedding tips, Travel, fitness & beauty, fashion and style inspiration, Food, new recipes & cooking.

15. Snapseed

Snapseed app is a complete professional app for editing pictures. It has 29 Tools and Filters, including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective to make JPG and RAW files beautiful. You can save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later.

If you want to become an Instagram queen then this is a mandatory app on the smartphone. Every teenage girl must have this app.

These are the 10 cool apps for teenage girls. Teenagers can learn many things and can enjoy these apps. I hope to be a teenage girl, you liked this article and will use these apps. If you find any other app cooler than these, do tell us in the comments.

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