Blockchain to be Addressed in the next upcoming Forum by American National Standards Institute?

ANSI that is American Standard Institute is expected to discuss the new vibrant technology, Blockchain along with the Artificial Intelligence in the upcoming Legal Issues and Joint Member Forum. This information was revealed by several media sources on 17th September 2018.
ANSI is basically a United States’ based private non-profit establishment that is actually comprised of 125,000 companies in total along with several international organizations as well as educational institutes. Not only this, but this established also includes several governmental bodies and corporations as its member.
Well! Do not mistake it with the bodies that are responsible for the development of the standards. This establishment is basically responsible for the administration as well as coordination of the US voluntary standards and conformance assessment of the systems.
There is one upcoming forum entitled ” Empowered by Innovation: Cutting-Edge Technologies Driving Real-World Solutions”. During this forum, the attendees will be focusing on legal and ethical concerns while exploring the useful applications of the blockchain technology as well as AI.

Who all are going to participate in this Forum?

As per the information gathered by us through different media sources, the forum will be attended by the experts of all the major industries from around the world. This will include healthcare, food safety, AI deployments, transportation, and the blockchain industry. During this conference, the experts will discuss different ways of introducing the new blockchain technology as well as Artificial intelligence technology in various applications.
This is not all that is happening around the globe, in fact, recently in the WEF that is World Economic Forum the report was revealed that was titled “Building Block(?chain)s for Better Planet”. This report actually outlines 65 and above measures in which this new blockchain technology can be utilized for the improvement of several environmental challenges.
According to this report, the development of the responsible and global blockchain ecosystem is one of the solutions of improving and resolving several challenges that come on the grounds of an environment.

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