AI-Powered Writing Services: Exploring the Benefits and Limitations

AI-Powered Writing Services

Today, there is a new tendency that seems to slowly penetrate a lot of spheres of human activity. It’s the use of artificial intelligence or simply AI. Some students solve the issue of “who can do my essays for me” by using AI-powered apps. It has definite benefits as well as drawbacks. We know that some writing services are also AI-powered. Is it right or not?

If you know something about the use of those smart chatbots, you surely know that they have great potential. In the meanwhile, they do not work that perfectly. Human genius outweighs them in many aspects. So, is it alright to use AI to generate essays at a custom writing service? This critical overview will try to find the required answer as it highlights the main benefits and limitations of this approach.

How Can AI Help a Writing Service?

There are several benefits that provide writing sites with additional bonuses for their clients. They are as follows:

  • High Speed of Writing

AI surely helps to write texts much faster than a human does. It can write a standard 500-word essay in about 2-3 minutes only! Isn’t it an amazing speed? Longer texts require a bit more time. Nonetheless, you will always get extremely fast results. Thus, any student can solve the issue of time management with AI Chatbots.

  • Reliable Research Outcomes

Chatbots always use validated informative sources. When you specify the topic for your essay, it starts gathering facts about it. AI uses Big Data to find the most relevant articles in this industry. They all are used in one text with maximal readability and clarity. You can trust the facts mentioned in the text. As a result, you can simply retrieve them from it for any of your academic projects if you want.

  • Great Samples for Clients

As AI can write tons of text very fast, custom writing sites get an additional bonus. They can stuff their content with helpful samples. You probably know that most platforms offer helpful articles, blog posts, and topic lists for their clients. They are offered for free to attract more clients. When it comes to samples, they are not commonly gratis. With the use of AI-powered tools, this tendency can be changed. As it costs nothing to generate smart samples, pro sites may stop charging fees for samples, too.

  • Cost Effective

You surely know that almost all forms of professional online help have their cost. Students have to check various options to find at least a relatively cheap bid. If you use ChatGPT or similar AI tools, you pay nothing at all! They can be used for free as much time per day as you need.

What Are the Limitations?

You should be aware of the drawbacks too. They make a difference because you may submit a paper of poor quality someday. That’s because AI-generated texts are not perfect. What are the main drawbacks? They are as follows:

  • A Lot of Plagiarism

The issue of plagiarism is always present in AI-based chatbots. There is no 100% pure text. You can try as many times as you want and use a reliable plagiarism checker to see that this fact is true. So, you will surely have to rewrite at least some parts of the AI-written text. You will need time for it, and this obstacle may be critical.

Mind that there are even special AI-detection programs that help to scan any paper to figure out if it was written by a human or a machine. Most educators are quite modern and use these programs. Thus, you may be caught plagiarizing someone else. As a result, you will lose vital grades and the trust of your teacher.

  • No Creativity

AI-based writing tools do not think outside the box. It is programmed to do that at all. It can mimic our thoughts and predict what we could write in our essays. Nevertheless, it will not understand us to the fullest, and many texts look quite boring and one-sided.

  • Problems with Understanding Humans

There is also a great gap in mutual understanding. As AI lacks creative thinking and thinks pragmatically, it may not always understand when you want something uncommon.

Use Human Writers!

We have concluded that the most dependable way out is to keep on using the help of human writers. A lot of reliable writing agencies do not use AI tools and stick to the common way of treating their customers. They offer human services, and it’s a great benefit because all your needs will always be understood and fulfilled with great precision.

All the orders are treated individually. It means your writer becomes a dedicated assistant who will be with you until the issue is solved. You can contact him or her on demand, just predetermine the active chat hours to get in touch and discuss the peculiarities of your order. You can count on any academic skill:

  • Writing and rewriting;
  • Revision (editing and proofreading);
  • Research;
  • Outlining;
  • Citing;
  • Referencing, etc.

Highly reputed writing agencies commonly have hundreds of experts. It’s a huge advantage because your choice becomes rich and vivid. You will surely find educated experts in any academic discipline. The experts will help to solve any difficulties related to all essay types, as well as lab reports, speeches, presentations, dissertations, movie reviews, book reports, and many other types.

The content you will get from professionals will surely be 100% unique. They know how to avoid plagiarism and also use AI-based checkers that can be trusted. They detect the slightest signs of non-unique elements to quickly deal with them. The prices are quite affordable. Many platforms also offer pleasant discounts and promo codes.

Drawing the Final Line

Now you know that AI-powered writing sites offer pros and cons. There is a possibility that the drawbacks will be fixed within the upcoming years. Until then, we recommend using human-generated texts. They can be trusted if you find a highly reputed online service.

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