6 Tools for Online Education

tools for online education

The advancement in technology has made learning easy for students and educators. With the advent of e-learning platforms and tools becoming a new norm, most educators find it easier to teach anywhere.

Today, it is easier for students to access services such as DoMyEssay. They can also get help with homework and communicate with their teachers and other learners on different platforms remotely, making learning hassle-free.

Here we mention some online education tools that can enhance communication and sharing of ideas between students and educators.

1. Homework Help Platforms

Remote learning is such a challenge to most teachers. Keeping track of student performance and homework when away from class takes effort if you lack a dedicated tool for this work.

When teachers assign homework, they always expect students to deliver on time. Learners can use tools like Google Docs, Google Slides, Zoom, Loom, Google Classroom, and Skype to submit and share their homework online, saving on time. Google Docs is one of the best free tools students can use for written assignments, while Skype and Zoom are more efficient for verbal assignments and presentations.

2. Video Tools 

Teachers and students can also make learning better using some of the top video tools. For instance, those taking lessons on video production can use Animoto to make and edit animated videos right in the comfort of their computers. Loom and YouTube are some useful tools instructors can use to create and share unique videos in a virtual class.

Instructors can simply record a short video on some complex topics and share them on YouTube with everyone. Once you post the lecture video on YouTube, your students can access it any time. Having the video recorded and posted before online class kicks off is one way of preparing learners to get the most out of the lecture. Students can also use recorded videos to go through your lectures when revising for exams.

3. Edmodo

Edmodo is one of the best tools teachers and lecturers can use to bring a remote class together and ensure smooth online learning. This platform allows teachers and students to communicate efficiently by sharing massages and class materials. Anyone can access the learning materials on the platform, which makes it more reliable. The platform brings all the learning tools together for both teachers and students.

Students can get real-time updates from this platform and stay in touch with their instructors. As a way of keeping learners on track, the tool has a clear dashboard that makes it easy for educators and learners to view recent activities and grades. Over 35 million people are using Edmodo currently. It’s one of the best tools teachers and students can use to share documents and check student performance.

4. CK-12

Educators spend a lot of money on buying academic books. CK-12 aims at decreasing the cost of acquiring academic and coursebooks for learners all over the world. The website is popular for sourcing, creating, and distributing online learning materials worldwide. You can use it to access learning materials on mathematics, social studies, photography, science, and other disciplines.

The platform has a clear dashboard with classes and a library. You can join this platform to connect and share learning materials anywhere. The website has over 150 million users, making it one of the reliable platforms for online education.

5. Storybird 

Storybird is one of the best online education platforms that seek to help users improve their reading skills through storytelling. The platform has a simple interface and dashboard that teachers and instructors can use to create online artistic and interactive books and learning materials for their classes.

After creating stories using the tool, teachers can also embed them in different media and share them with their online class anywhere in real-time. Storybird also makes it easier for teachers to organize their online classes, track performance, and get on-time feedback from students and parents.

6. ThingLink  

ThingLink is another more efficient classroom and remote learning platform for teachers and students. Most educators are using this platform for creating interactive learning materials for virtual classes. With this tool, teachers can develop new learning methodologies for their online classes using pictures, videos, music, and texts.

It makes it easy to link different media formats and develop the most interactive and convenient learning materials for an online class. ThingLink is the best tool for parents and teachers handling adolescents at home and in schools. It’s an award-winning online education technology with over 4 million teachers on the platform. This makes it a reliable tool every educator can use to facilitate online education.

Final Thoughts

Teachers, parents, and students can always register with some of the top education platforms and tools we’ve shared here. When searching for the best online education platform, you must ensure it meets your specifications for an online course. You can always use these tools to improve your online learning experience.

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