6 Advantages of a Video Surveillance System for the Manufacturing Sector

video surveillance

Oftentimes, small and medium-sized business owners think that having a video surveillance system only serves to have legal evidence in case of a robbery or emergency. However, especially in the manufacturing sector, a video solution is a key part of improving production processes.

For the daily activities to be carried out in the best way and the staff feel calm in the execution of their tasks, it is important that they have confidence that the infrastructure is safe and efficient. Many video access control solutions go beyond simple daily monitoring. This type of technology, even more intelligent when combined with AI technology, stores information and automatically processes it to issue immediate alerts when it detects anomalies. In addition, it controls restricted areas of operation, generates databases for AI to use for automations, detects people, and vehicle license plates of a facility. It is important to identify a company or warehouse’s area of opportunities to know exactly what is required and in which space it is necessary to install a video camera system.

In addition to considering your immediate needs, you must also identify how a business can change over time. For example, investing in a video management system that integrates different technologies may seem unnecessary up front, but it can make it much easier to manage capabilities and add functionality over time.

Here are six different ways a video surveillance system, with the right analytics, can help optimize the operation and security of a business:

1. Personal safety

A video access control system, when paired with a video surveillance system, allows the monitoring of personnel, which allows management to identify which operations can be improved and to ensure the quality of work from workers. AI based video access control solutions can also automatically detect and alert management to any work-related accidents and damage to equipment which reduces liability. When integrated with a business security system, it can also be used for monitoring and restricting access of unauthorized vehicles entering a facility.

2. Smart monitoring

The industry leading video access control solutions use AI technology with video analytics, allowing individuals to be automatically alerted when there is unauthorized entry and exit of personnel or work materials, thus preventing stock theft and optimizing operational costs.

3. Protection of assets

In conjunction with intelligent monitoring, a video surveillance system helps reduce theft and loss, thanks to the use of high resolution images and good light balance, even in dark areas. In addition, through the monitoring of passageways and controlled accesses of machinery and heavy vehicles, it is possible to identify if products have suffered damages and at what exact moment of their passage through the factory or warehouse it occurred. This tool helps minimize damage to goods and streamlines the merchandise verification processes in the event of customer complaints.

4. People counting

Identifying how many people are within the facility optimizes planning for daily operations. In addition, it allows you to know who is inside and, in an emergency, to have a better control of the situation. It can also help enforce social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19.

5. Thermography

Some video surveillance cameras come equipped with this technology which can immediately detect the heat points of a facility, regardless of the lighting conditions, to safeguard personnel and machinery in use. This tool sends an alert when it detects movement of objects within a certain area. It also facilitates perimeter protection when an unauthorized element crosses virtual lines.

6. Facial recognition

Modern day video surveillance technology also uses facial recognition to track which specific personnel has gone in or out of an area. It is also used to ensure that the correct person is entering an area and not just someone using another person’s credentials. If a scenario like this happens, the system automatically sends a notification and image to security personnel in order to detain the culprit.

It is important to know that these technologies are adapted to the new needs that arise in companies, thus guaranteeing quality and long duration. Owners of the companies will not have to invest in a video system every time there is a new need or a technological change.

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