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If you are a recruitment manager, you must already know just how complicated the entire recruiting process is. In this candidate-led market, finding top talent is becoming more challenging. Big companies have dedicated teams for recruiting professionals, and smaller companies get caught in the crossfire since it’s more difficult for them to hire the top professionals.

Sure, you could hire a recruitment team for your company to compete with the big leagues and make the process efficient. But why spend all that money, especially when you are just starting? Instead, you could go for a more cost-effective solution using a candidate sourcing tool. In this article, we dive deep into some of the best sourcing tools in the market so that the recruitment process becomes a cakewalk for your company. Keep on reading.

What Are Sourcing Tools?

Before we jump straight to the best sourcing tools, let us ensure that you know what they are. A sourcing tool is any software or platform you can use to curate a list of potential candidates. These tools come in handy for companies that prefer to build candidate pools regardless of whether there is a vacancy. And, when there is indeed a vacancy, it becomes easier for the company to select a candidate since they already have an idea of what kind of professionals they want.

When you build such a pool of candidates, you might not even need to post a job listing since you can reach out to the prospects from the lists and see how it works out. Tools like these help companies make candidate databases and save time and effort.

For instance, an employee might leave your company suddenly. Typically, you will have to go back to square one and start looking for candidates repeatedly. However, if you already have a list, your search becomes easier, and you won’t need to do everything from scratch.

While sourcing tools are amazing for building such lists, the big chunk of the job falls on you. You need to nurture your pool of candidates and keep everything updated. Regardless, if you choose the right sourcing tool, half of the work already gets done. They source candidates based on numerous criteria, such as technical skills, education, experience, current and past roles, industry, and more.

While all that sounds amazing, finding a good sourcing tool can be tricky since there are already so many available on the market nowadays. Thus, in the next section, we will discuss some of the best recruiting tools to take the load off your back.

Best Recruiting Tools for Sourcing Candidates

There is no doubt that recruiting tools can be an amazing addition to your company. However, not all sourcing tools are created equal, and most importantly, you need to find one that will fit your recruitment strategy the best. Hence, here, we discuss a few sourcing tools worth considering.

1. Hired

Looking for a recruitment tool that will help locate the top professionals for you? That is Hired. This tool has a simple approach: it helps to bridge the gap between employees and candidates and bring them closer. What makes Hired such a great tool is its search algorithm which lets you easily find the right candidates. This not only helps you save time but also a lot of effort. Moreover, as opposed to bigger recruitment tools, Hired feels more like an inclusive platform that pays attention to every employer so that they can grow their company the way they want.

Furthermore, Hired is a beloved tool among employers and candidates alike, thanks to customer support that ensures every client is cared for and no one is behind the curve. Hired’s website states that employers have a 95% chance of getting replies from the candidates they show an interest in. Give the platform a try and see for yourself.

2. AngelList

Do you have a startup and are having difficulty finding top talent amidst everything else? AngelList might be just what you need. It is a great tool that manages everything in one place, from job postings and sourcing candidates to managing talent pipeline and reaching out to prospects. AngelList features several top employees and is an amazing alternative to LinkedIn, especially for startups eager to expand their business.

On the platform, you post a job listing specifying everything you want in a candidate, and consequently, you will be able to access the pool of candidates that the platform offers. The platform primarily hosts jobs for startups, tech, and remote industries. So, if that’s something you are after, AngelList is the one for you. AngelList has such a specific niche because the tool is a part of AngelList Venture, an initiative that allows investors to look for startups to fund. 

AngelList is more of a networking tool than a job posting site. Thus, there’s a two-way approach to this game. Both employers and candidates will be able to know as much as possible about the person. Therefore, if you want to use the platform to its full potential, it is best to be honest here.

3. SignalHire

If you are looking for a comprehensive sourcing tool, you will not find a better one than SignalHire. This tool is tailor-made for HR specialists, marketers, and recruiters. SignalHire’s standout feature is that it extracts the contact information, be it phone number, email ID, or social media profiles, of anyone, making it easier for you to reach out to your potential candidates.

SignalHire has become a cutting-edge sourcing machine that applies predictive sourcing technology. This means it keeps track of professionals who might change jobs soon. Moreover, the SignalHire Chrome extension can work directly in LinkedIn and other professional networks.

With SignalHire, you can access everything, be it a candidate database, ATS or CRM. This is the perfect tool for you if you are looking to expand your talent pool and get relevant data on prospects and competitors.

4. HiringSolved

HiringSolved is yet another recruiting tool that lets you find candidates easily from all over the globe. This tool has been designed exclusively for recruiters, especially those eager to get on board worldwide talent. Thanks to the highly advanced search algorithm of HiringSolved, you can track down your ideal candidates more easily than ever before.

You can conduct your search in just about any language. It even has a feature called “by example” that allows you to find candidates similar to the ones you have posted on the system. Thanks to the excellent features of the platform, it boasts several HR awards. Moreover, in the recruitment field, HiringSolved has a very pristine reputation, too.

HiringSolved has a large network of professionals, making it a suitable tool for big and small companies. The platform integrates with numerous ATS and CRMs and has intelligent automation, making the tool a perfect solution for all recruiters.

How to Source Candidates

Sourcing tools are a great way to automate the recruitment process and use the time saved on other aspects of your business. However, these tools will only do some things for you. You must also nurture the candidate pool, gather candidate information such as work samples, and resumes, pre-screen candidates, and build relationships. 

While these tools can help narrow your search, you need to contact these prospects and spark long-term relationships. Besides these online channels, you must also try to source candidates through offline channels like meetups and conferences. The more you nurture candidates, the easier it will be for you to source them when a future position opens up.

Final Thoughts

Recruiting is such a daunting and grueling process that it can even pull down the most hardworking and ambitious recruiters and HR specialists. The process becomes all the more tiring when you are a small company with no specialized team to help you with your recruitment needs. 

Fortunately, several recruitment tools can automate the process and make it much easier for you. We have discussed a few such tools in this article. Take the help of these tools and grow your talent pool and propel your company towards success. Thanks for reading!

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