4 Clever Ways of Choosing the Best Smartphone for Your Needs

Have you arrived at the end of your mobile phone contract? Are you ready to update and upgrade? Well, you’ve got more options than ever when it comes to choosing a new smartphone. Then, that also involves examining through the models and specs can be devastating.

A great smartphone will take the spot of your camera, keep you amused and informed on the move, and even leave you with sufficient battery as you get home. However, it’s not simple to look for a model that can thrive on all matters. With prices increasing and more than ever to select from, it is crucial to spend your money sensibly on a smartphone that will last.

1. Understand which Features you Need

Do you demand plenty of storage for your free movie apps for android? Do you require a phone with a large screen? Do you need one that can be one-handedly used? Are you exploring for extended battery life or the most exceptional camera phone offered? Well, there are so many aspects to think about when acquiring a new phone.

Begin with drafting a list of essential features you need your phone to acquire. Utilize the list to assess devices and ensure that your new smartphone marks all the boxes.

2. Choose an Operating System (OS)

The phone’s operating system turns your phone on or off. For the most part, there are only two operating systems worth pondering: Android and iOS.


Android from Google is an open platform, which indicates that any company can create apps for smart gadgets that use the Android OS.

If you enjoy customizing your mobile experience and intend to work with the most recent tech devices the moment they come to light, then an Android-based smartphone is the most excellent bet.


If you enjoy reliable consistency with no surprises and robust compatibility with a decent selection of devices, then you must weigh up an iPhone using iOS. Well, the downside with this is paying a premium price.

3. Examine the Specs

Shop around and pick up hands-on experiences with various smartphones before purchasing one. If you don’t understand much about specs, you can bring along an educated family member or friend. Here are a couple of factors to think about:

Robust Battery Life

Removable batteries are uncommon nowadays, so you go for a phone that can carry on with you. Assess the compromise on battery life in various reviews. The mAh rating will provide you some clue, but the power is also affected by the resolution, screen size, and software, so you have to look ahead of the number.

Screen Size and Resolution

Screen size affects the sharpness of text and images on the screen. It also impacts how easy the phone is to hold in a single hand.

If you have smaller hands or one-hand use is essential to you, go for a phone with a screen smaller than 5.5 inches. If you want to take advantage of Android’s multi-window mode or you just like to play games and watch plenty of videos, get a bigger screen phone.

Coverage and Reception

Receiving a network signal continues to be a vital factor in everyday use of our smartphones, even though more and more take advantage of Wi-Fi and hotspot areas to connect via social networking.

However, if you still use your phone for taking phone calls, or you would like to go online from afar a Wi-Fi hotspot, you have to have good reception. Before purchasing your next smartphone, verify that it’s optimized for the mobile network.


We’ve entered a point in smartphone development where the camera is more critical than the processor. Progressively more smartphones feature cameras with no less than 12 megapixels but don’t get swayed by only that. Instead, consider the aperture, speed and features, and the image quality.

4. Pick the Right Price

Perhaps the most crucial consideration for many of us is the price. One quick way of narrowing down your choices for a new phone is just to set your budget and see what’s available in your price range.

Android phones have lots of extra price points than iPhones do. Aside from their pricey leading smartphones, most of the primary Android makers also extend reasonable mid-range versions for the people with less adamant needs or on a tighter budget. Apple, on the other hand, has now descended into a practice of releasing three iPhones every year, with older ones waiting on sale at lesser prices.

For the majority, smartphones that cost some hundred dollars will provide you just as well as those that move toward four figures. But you might need to give up some camera quality, app loading speed, or screen resolution.

Final Thoughts

It’s the moment to start thinking of phones in a similar way we feel about our appliances. Meaning, people need to explore beyond a phone’s superficial attributes and think about how it’s expected to develop throughout the season that we own it.

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