4 Best Budget-Friendly Devices for Every Student

Best Budget-Friendly Devices for Every Student

In the life of a modern student, there is always a place for electronics: without them, it is impossible to listen to an online lecture, print a scientific work, or photograph essential tables. Of course, there are several gadgets that every student should have: a smartphone, laptop, and headphones. They will ensure the availability of basic educational options. In this article, you will learn about several useful devices for students.

Power bank

Nowadays, when you need to charge many different devices, a gadget such as a power bank is essential. Naturally, manufacturers want to expand the functionality and capabilities of the power bank. Still, the basic need always remains the same – to increase battery capacity and reduce the phone’s charging time and the power bank itself.

Functions that are provided in power banks of different models:

  • Capacity. The number of charges on your smartphone or laptop depends on this indicator in the device. For example, if the power bank is designed for 10,000 mAh, a modern phone can be charged several times.
  • Connectors, their number, current strength.
  • There can be several connectors, and each of them has its indicators of current strength, which affects the charging time. Standard indicators are 1…2.3A. The more amperes at the output, the faster the device charges. The number of USB ports gives an understanding of how many devices can be charged simultaneously using the power bank. If it has two ports, then the current strength in them is distributed to 1A and 2.1A.
  • Fast charging (Quick Charge).
  • Allows you to charge devices that support such charging technology as quickly as possible.
  • Wireless charger.
  • Display, charge indicator, flashlight.

Lithium-ion batteries are now more common and are used in almost all smartphones and tablets. Such batteries charge quickly enough, with a high energy density and a large capacity.

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A smartwatch is a student-friendly thing that helps stay in touch while studying. Not every teacher will tolerate a student constantly distracted by the phone. Smartwatches show notifications and allow you to write a quick reply or generally reply with your voice. They also have many features for sports – this is especially true for students who monitor their form.

When choosing a smartwatch for yourself, you should pay attention first of all to the following parameters:

  • Display. The most convenient is the AMOLED displays, which guarantee excellent visibility even on a bright day and significant viewing angles. Pay attention to its diagonal – a large watch is suitable for men with large wrists, small ones for girls.
  • Control. Almost all watches are equipped with touch controls and 1-2 buttons.
  • Application. Almost all companies provide a branded app for their watches.
  • Autonomy. In the mode of maximum active use, most watches can withstand 2-3 days, with an average load – of up to a week.

And, of course, read product reviews – smartwatches require a conscientious attitude to the choice, as an unsuccessful device can disappoint you.


This device will accommodate many books you do not have to carry with you to study. Of course, the paper format is indispensable, but the tablet will help save space in your backpack and energy.

When choosing, the key parameters will be screen size and resolution, stylus support, memory and the possibility of its expansion, battery life, operating system, and communication technologies.

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