Why Are Dua Lipa And Other Celebrities Boycotting Qatar’s World Cup?

Why Are Dua Lipa And Other Celebrities Boycotting Qatar’s World Cup

The singer has insisted on re-establishing the truth. After being approached to participate in the Football World Cup, the famous singer made an update on her Instagram account. She explained that she will not make the trip to Qatar which hosts the sporting event, and in this article, we take a look at the specific reason why she said so. 

Dua Lipa, Shakira, And Other Celebs Say No To 1 Million Dollars Refusing To Perform In Qatar

Why is Dua Lipa boycotting the World Cup in 2022?

The star took the opportunity to tackle the emirate on the issue of human rights. Tipped to participate in the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup, Dua Lipa explained on her Instagram account that she should not be counted on. “There are a lot of rumors that I’m going to sing at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar. I’m not going to do it and I’ve never been in negotiations for it,” explained the 27-year-old star.

“I will be cheering England on from afar and I look forward to visiting Qatar when they fulfill all the human rights promises they made, when they won the right to host the World Cup”, swung the artist of Albanian origin, who took the opportunity to tackle the Emirate of Qatar on the issue of human, LGBTQ, and women’s rights.

Rapper Gims performs one of the Qatar World Cup anthems instead of Dua Lipa:

The 2022 edition of the Football World Cup divides the stars, pointed out for ecological but also human reasons. 

 If Dua Lipa decided to boycott the event, other artists were present for the opening show of the first match of the World Cup between Qatar and Ecuador in group A, such as the Black Eyed Peas and Jungkook, the member of the South Korean group BTS.

Concerts will also be organized throughout the tournament, from November 20 to December 18. Celebrities who have no problem embracing Qatar’s proposition include Post Malone, Major Lazer, Robbie Williams, Enrique Iglesias, Maroon 5, Fatboy Slim, Alesso, Armin Van Buren, Tiesto and David Guetta who will all do the show well. 

What are some humanitarian issues affecting Qatar?

The World Cup is at the heart of several controversies and the ones surrounding the holding of the World Cup in the Qatar emirate has only swelled. 

Between the fact of having entrusted this tournament to a country under absolute monarchy, revelations about workers who died on the stadium sites, or even the ecological impact that the holding of the event will have…many are those who have made the choice to boycott the games this year.

Death of workers:

Nearly 6,500 immigrant workers are said to have died on the construction sites of the stadiums that will host the competition, according to an investigation by the British daily The Guardian. 

Poor living conditions of workers: 

In Qatar the question of respect for human rights has crystallized criticism from NGOs on the sidelines of this first World Cup organized in an Arab country, for the living conditions of workers in particular on the construction sites of the competition.

No LGBTQ rights:

The controversy is very immense right now because of the lack of the rights of LGBT people, whose rights are still threatened by Qatar. 

Up to 7 years in prison is still risked by Homosexual nationals of the country. 

The country invited LGBT people to “remain discreet” throughout the competition and not to display a flag during the matches. Certain accommodations and hotels have even announced that homosexual people are not welcome to stay. 

Data breach:

The question of Qatari laws may have held back some artists and could pose a problem for supporters during their visit. Thus according to online security websites, it was recommended a few days ago to take care to empty your phone when going to Qatar, or even at best, to go there with a disposable device to prevent data theft. 

Who else won’t perform for Qatar?

Despite the sums offered by the organizers to artists who would agree to perform for the event, some singers refused to participate, for moral reasons that they have expressed in recent days. The following are a handful of artists who rejected Qatar’s millions and boycotted the 2022 World Cup. 


Singer Shakira, whose anthem for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, “Waka-waka” has become one of the most famous of the event, refused to participate in the event. She gave Gala UK magazine an explanation that touches on the field of ecology, Qatar’s big black spot.

“I don’t think anyone has the luxury of saying ‘Oh no, I’m not going to participate in this cause’ she argued during her interview for the British media. 

Rod Stewart:

British singer Rod Stewart announced that he would refuse to perform at the World Cup in Qatar, because of the humanitarian questions and the controversies raised by its implementation in the country.

“I was offered a lot of money” he stated and it’s true because Qatar offered the artist $1 million to perform on stage at the opening ceremony. An offer he refused for ethical reasons. “It wouldn’t be right to go there. And the Iranians should be excluded too because they are supplying arms [to Russia],” he told the British daily The Sunday Times. 

British singer Rod Stewart has explained that, despite attractive monetary offers from organizers, he will not be offering his voice saying during an interview “it didn’t seem fair”. 

The proposal from the Cup organizers dated from “fifteen months ago”, but that from the start he knew it “was not a good thing to do”, Sir Stewart explained. 

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