The Best Wembley Stadium Goals in Football History

Wembley Stadium Goals in Football History

Football has kept audiences in awe for decades. It’s been a mass entertainment game since day one of its creation boasting many wonderfully maneuvered goals in magnificent stadiums. Some of these goals have been unexpected while others have long been forecast by bookmakers on offline and online sports betting platforms. As a result football matches have been transformed from a means of entertainment into a means of making money by betting on which team is going to carry the cup home.

Get the Most of Your Game at the Wembley Stadium

There’s hardly anything that can make a real Football fan excited more than the stadium bustle of fellow sports enthusiasts. Among the stadiums that promise a great experience is the Wembley Stadium located in the UK. It is by far the largest stadium in the United Kingdom and the second largest stadium in Europe.

Wembley Stadium hosts major football matches such as the England National Football team’s domestic matches as well as the FA cup final. Being a hub of major football sporting events Wembley has witnessed countless unexpected goals under its sliding roofs. Some of the most unforgettable goals scored at Wembley have made history not only for the football clubs but also for the stadium itself.

Wembley Stadium Goals Nobody Saw Coming

Wembley stadium goals have been cheered by many fans from the stadium seats and beyond the TV screens. Some of the best goals in the world have been scored in this very stadium.

Given all the events at the stadium are followed by thousands, no wonder the number of bettors is also whooping during the Wembley Stadium games. Although you can still find betting kiosks around the stadium, they are becoming a thing of the past. With a growing number of accessible online betting platforms, there’s no need to wander in search of an offline betting opportunity. You can make your next Wembley Stadium winner prediction at platforms with good welcome bonuses and football odds that work best for you. But before you jump on the bandwagon of the sharp bettors, here are some stunners to inspire you.

Nemanja Matic at Chelsea’s FA Cup Semi-Final

One of the earliest successful kicks the Wembley Stadium saw was by Nemanja Matic during Chelsea’s FA cup semi-final. Matic seized the ball 30 yards out and scored a goal into the top corner 10 minutes before the end of the game.

Ricky Willa at Tottenham vs Manchester City, FA Cup Final Replay, 1981

Another goal that no one expected was scored by Ricky Willa during Tottenham vs Manchester city FA cup final replay in 1981. The score was locked at 2:2 after a draw of 1:1 in a previous match, however, Willa got hold of the ball 30 yards out and overcoming 4 defenders threw a low-hanging shot into the net.

Roberto Di Matteo At Chelsea vs Middlesbrough, FA Cup Final, 1997

A not-so-recent strange goal at Wembley was scored by Roberto Di Matteo in the match Chelsea vs Middlesbrough during FA Cup final in 1997. It was strange and unexpected at the same time as Di Matteo scored the goal only a few minutes into the game. That’s how scorers catch you off guard.

David Bentley at England Under 21s vs Italy

Here’s another one to rave about by David Bentley. He scored probably the highest goal in football history at Wembley Stadium during the England Under 21st versus Italy game. He kicked the ball over the heads of the wall of players and past the goalkeeper ensuring the win of his team.

Aubameyang Three Consecutive Games, 2020

And by far among some of the recent best goals scored by footballers at Wembley Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s goals are the most noteworthy. He has scored 6 goals in 3 games at Wembley Stadium two times against Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool each in the Community Shield making him one of the most outstanding strikers of the 2020 football season.

Own Goals at Wembley Stadium

Brilliant goals are sometimes scored not only into the opponent’s net but also into your own, something that Wembley Stadium has witnessed many times. Among these ridiculous goals, one that was scored in 2019 was by Aleksandar Šofranac whose own goal came after 66 minutes when Mason Mount’s strike found its way into the goal from three yards.

Another recent own goal was scored by Danish captain Simon Kjær who slid the ball into his own net after it touched his thigh during the game. Such inadvertent own goals happen a lot during football matches however there is no need to stigmatize this mishap. These goals can happen to anyone under pressure, especially to football players who are under the constant gaze of their fans. A stunner is a stunner, no matter who was keeping the net.

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