NBA: Former NBA Big Man Reggie Evans Has No Love for the Miami Heat

Former NBA big man Reggie Evans, who played in the league between 2002 and 2015, seems to have no love towards his former employers. Evans, who joined rapper Ice Cube‘s BIG3 basketball league in 2017, was speaking to the reporters after a game featuring his 3 Headed Monsters team at the Miami Heat‘s American Airlines Arena. Reporters were trying to speak to former Miami Heat players Mario Chalmers and Rashard Lewis about their return to their former home arena. However, before they could answer, Reggie Evans barged in.

Hey, hey, hold on, hold on, hold on,” Evans said. “Let’s stick to the BIG3. We ain’t on no Heat s**t. We ain’t on no NBA s**t. They don’t support us at all. They don’t talk about us at all.

That Heat s–t is in the past. They’re talking about BIG3. That’s what’s popping right now. The BIG3, that’s what’s going on. We ain’t talking about no BIG3 — period.

Evans didn’t just stop there, even when the reporters asked a question about Vince Carter playing in the NBA at the age of 42, Evans said:

“I just told you no more NBA questions. Don’t ask no more NBA question. Are you going to ask Vince Carter, ‘How you feel about Rashard coming in the BIG3?’ You going to go to Atlanta and ask them that? Are you going to go to Miami and be like, ‘Hey, you all want to get in the BIG3 when you all’s career over with, or when things are not looking good, Pat Riley going to get rid of your a**, you going to come to the BIG3?’

Seriously. What’s the chances of you all asking a BIG3 questions during the NBA season? What’s the chances? Keep it real.”

Well, somebody is clearly salty.

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