MLB 2023 Opening Day Schedule: Major Highlights

MLB 2023 Opening Day Schedule

Major League Baseball (MLB) Opening Day marks the commencement of professional baseball games for the regular season. Traditionally, it takes place in the first week of March or the first week of April. This year, the MLB announced that the Opening Day will take place on March 30, 2023.

This year’s Opening Day is significant because, for the first time since 1968, all thirty teams will play 15 games on the Opening Day. This discussion focuses on the MLB 2023 Opening Day schedule, major highlights of this year’s regular season, and everything else you need to know. Keep reading;

Brief History Of the MLB

With the 2023 season around the corner, baseball fans will celebrate 148 years of history. The MLB has a rich history stretching back to 1869. In 1901, The National and American Leagues merged to form Major League Baseball (MLB), one of the most iconic professional baseball leagues in the U.S. and world.

How Many Teams Are In The Major League Baseball (MLB)

The MLB comprises thirty teams spread across the U.S. and Canada. From coast-to-coast, 162 regular season games provide fans with plenty of thrills throughout the summer.

And once the games wrap up, there is an intense postseason tournament that comprises World Series, Division Series, and League Championship Series. The winners of each league compete for the MLP Championship title.

A Recap of Top Teams In The MLB and 2022 Winners

After a tumultuous off-season, players and fans of Major League Baseball (MLB) were eager to see the 2022 MLB season begin. While originally slated for March 31, 2022, an unexpected lockout extended Opening Day by at least one extra week making April 7, 2022, the official start date. Nevertheless, baseball was back in full swing, with teams wrapping up their games on October 5.

The LA Dodgers had a remarkable year and were the undisputed champions of the MLB with a record-breaking 111-51 wins. The next best team was the Astros, who finished five games behind the Dodgers. Meanwhile, even though it was close between the rivals in both leagues for second place, no team could dislodge the Dodgers’ top spot. More so after they were crowned the NL West championships.

The AL East has some pumped-up competition, even though the Yankees could not catch up to break the Dodger’s victorious streak. However, they still earned bragging rights after winning the Division title and finishing 99-63. The Atlanta Braves had a similar lead when they took over the NL East and sent the Mets packing off with 101 points. To round things off, the Cardinals hugged tightly onto Central victory by ending 93-69 in the American League Central.

The Houston Astros’ surprising win in the 2022 MLB Championship proves that anything can happen during postseason play. With a dominant performance, they beat out the talented Phillies, who had an impressive 87 wins leading into the playoffs. The unexpected result of this game adds to all the anticipation and mystery surrounding the MLB, making it even more thrilling for fans worldwide.

The table below shows a complete schedule of the Opening Day of the MLB 2023 season.

Date Team Time Location
March 30,2023 San Francisco Giants 1.05 p.m New York Yankees
March 30,2023 Atlanta Braves 1:05 p.m. ET Washington Nationals
March 30,2023 Baltimore Orioles 2:10 p.m Boston Red Sox
March 30,2023 Milwaukee Brewers 2.20 p.m Chicago Cubs
March 30,2023 Detroit Tigers 3.10 p.m Tampa Bay Rays
March 30,2023 Philadelphia Phillies 4.05 p.m Texas Rangers
March 30,2023 Pittsburgh Pirates 4.05 p.m Cincinnati Reds
March 30,2023 Colorado Rockies 4.10 p.m San Diego Padres
March 30,2023 Toronto Blue Jays 4.10 p.m St. Louis Cardinals
March 30,2023 Minnesota Twins 4.10 p.m Kansas City Royals
March 30,2023 New York Mets 4.10 p.m Miami Marlins
March 30,2023 Chicago White Sox 7.08 p.m Houston Astros
March 30,2023 Los Angeles Angels 10.07 p.m Oakland Athletics
March 30,2023 Arizona Diamondbacks 10.10 p.m Los Angeles Dodgers
March 30,2023 Cleveland Guardians 10.10 p.m Seattle Mariners

Final Words: When is The 2023 MLB World Series

The MLB World Series is the league’s apex and is a yearly event after the regular season’s conclusion. This year, it will take place at the start of October, and fans are waiting for the ultimate showdown. This year, fans can watch the matches via Fox Sports live broadcasts. Without a doubt, this is an opportunity for baseball lovers to watch their favorite game and get a glimpse of MLB league winners anywhere on the go.

Plus, the team that puts together their best regular season records takes advantage of hosting games or what is popularly known as the Home Field Advantage. Therefore, this gives them an extra edge to take the championship bragging rights.

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