Marlen P- 5 Facts About Anthony Davis’ Girlfriend

Marlen P

The celebrated Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis married his longtime love Marlen P in September 2021 while dancing and singing together to the tune “Never Make a Promise.”

Here are 5 interesting facts you should know about Anthony Davi’s girlfriend Marlen


Marlen P is a very well online star and a model from the Dominican Republic who is between the ages of 25 and 28. She has been Anthony Davis’ longtime lover and his wife. Marlen has been one of the most famous people to have wed, having tied the knot with Anthony Davis in September 2019 during a low-key ceremony. Despite being only the wife of Anthony Davis, one of the top NBA stars, Marlen P leads a very quiet, secret life, and nothing is truly known about her. Despite this, Marlen P hasn’t revealed much about her family, their history, or even their educational background. After being married to Anthony Davis in 2019, Marlon P began going by the name Marlon Davis. She is Christian and of mixed ethnic and racial heritage.

5 Facts About Marlon 

  1. Although Marlen was born in the United States, her family hails from the Dominican Republic. 
  2. Marlen and Anthony appear to have begun dating in 2016, and in November 2017 they brought their daughter Nala into the world. 
  3. A forum claims that Anthony is now Marlen’s roommate after she previously resided in New Orleans alongside her parents. 
  4. Some forum users stated that Marlen had formerly worked for Hooters. She is good friends with Megan Bernard, a Hooters employee who was invited to Nala’s first birthday celebration with her son Maxwell. 
  5. She wore a lovely bespoke blouse that included Anthony’s name and phone number on the front and back.

Married Life & Family with Anthony

Despite her reputation as an actor, Marlen P gained a lot of attention when she wed Anthony Davis, a Los Angeles Lakers player who is one of the team’s greatest players along with LeBron James & Russell Westbrook (who had been the best man during their wedding ceremony ). 

In addition to his many other accomplishments, Anthony Davis is regarded as being one of the finest trades the Lakers ever made, helping them get back on the right track as well as win the Title with them. He has won the NBA Championship, the NCAA Championship, the FIBA World Cup, the Olympic Gold Medal, and many other awards. As of September 2021, Marlen and Anthony Davis’ daughter Nala Davis was roughly 4 years old.

Career & Net Worth

According to several publications, Marlen’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $2 million. Though she leads a very quiet life, she is well-known as a model as well as an online celebrity. What little is known about her reveals that she is an accomplished fashion designer and frequently creates the interiors of her residences herself.

Social Media Presence

Marlen also leads a very secret existence on social media, and nothing is known about her online persona on other platforms. She does have a private Instagram account including over 2.5k subscribers and currently has 70 points. She doesn’t appear to have a Facebook page, and we don’t know anything about her Twitter activity.

Anthony’s Affair

Anthony Davis got himself into trouble after it was revealed that he had been cheating on both his girlfriend and the mother of his child in November of 2020. Instagram models were supposedly invited to Los Angeles by Anthony. According to reports, Davis DM’d a model on Instagram, asking to fly her to Los Angeles and offering her money and goods. The IG models who were aware of Davis’s family replied by informing Marlen. After she told Marlen what Davis was offering her, Marlen blocked her. But the media never received this information. Perhaps because it was completely untrue. Or perhaps the pair came to a resolution together and chose to go on. In any case, Anthony and Marlen’s connection is still solid.

Anthony’s Age & Background

Anthony, the younger brother, and Sister Lasha Davis were born March 11, 1993, to parents Anthony Davis Sr. and Trainer Davis. He grew up alongside his twin sister, Antoinette Davis. Anthony Davis attended Carter High School and subsequently the University at Kentucky, where he played for the Kentucky Wildcats and improved his playing abilities.

Net Worth

Of course, Marlen hasn’t discussed her finances either, since she prefers to keep a low profile. With her spouse, though, such is not the case. The NBA player’s net worth as of 2021 is $60 million. Anthony engages in collaborations and endorsements in addition to playing the ball. He has experience working with well-known companies like Nike and Adidas, which contribute to his wealth. He was also the highest-paid athlete in 2020, coming in at position #44. The pair also offers their enormous $14 million Los Angeles property for rent.

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