Manchester United Players Who Frequent the Casino

Manchester United Players Who Frequent the Casino

Playing casino is a fun pass-time activity with deposit/ offers. Many English football players engage in gambling, although they are disallowed from betting on sports due to conflict of interest.

No accounts casinos and VIPs-only land-based casinos offer a haven for footballers to have fun in different games. The platforms let them place wagers and win without signing for gaming accounts. With Manchester United being one of the most popular football clubs, some of its players are even signed as ambassadors for leading gambling houses globally.

Poker as the Most Favourite Football Player’s Game

Most Manchester United players prefer card games, especially poker: Ronaldo, Davide de Gea, Gerard Pique, Teddy Sheringham. Some of them are regular gamblers, some take part in world poker tours, placing big wagers and hitting huge jackpots.

Next are some Manchester United Players who frequent casinos to play the games for fun or cash prizes.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a football legend with millions of fans. He hails from Portugal and is known for helping his national team qualify for the world cup on several occasions. In the 2018 world cup, Portugal played against Spain, where Ronaldo scored a hat-trick.

Ronaldo has a record-tying five Ballon d’Or trophy wins and led his country team to victory in the 2016 European Championship. Juventus and Real Madrid are the other clubs he has played for besides Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a profound love for poker gambling. He is a regular gambler in online poker gaming rooms and has featured in several poker promotions. He even gambles against other well-known poker players. Learn also how to win real money for free at an online casino.

David De Gea

David de Gea hails from Spain. He joined Manchester United in 2011, and many football fans regard him as the best goalkeeper in the world.

De Gea started his journey to football greatness in 2013 after saving some challenging goals for Manchester United. He also maintained clean sheets in 11 games out of the 28 matches he played.

Apart from being a goalkeeper, David is a fan of casinos. He even has gambled against Pique, emerging top during table poker-friendly games. The goalkeeper is also an ardent metal music fan and often attends music shows.

Former Manchester Players Who Gamble (Recent Years)

Here are some former players who played for Manchester United in recent years.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney joined Manchester United in 2004 from the Everton side, where he had played for two years. Since then, he became an influential striker, helping the Red Devils club win the Premier League in the 2007-08 season.

In mid-2017, Rooney left Manchester United after scoring 253 goals. He signed with D.C. United, and in 2021, he retired from competitive football. He is now the manager for Derby County but has a special love for card games.

In 2020, Rooney opened up about his gambling life. He is even rumoured to have lost 500,00 euros during a two-hour gambling spree at a casino in Manchester. The report quoted that Rooney, who was in the casino to play roulette and blackjack, was reckless to place massive wagers since he was also drinking beer.

Rafael de Silva

Rafael is a Brazilian International right-back defender. He is a twin brother to Fabio, and both signed for the Red Devils at the same time in 2008.

Rafael de Silva left Manchester in 2015 to play for the French giants, Lyon, before heading to play for Botafogo in the Brazilian league. At his departure from Old Trafford, Louis Van Gaal was the club’s manager.

There have been claims that Rafael has visited casino houses in the past. But again, the 30-year-old player took to his Twitter to state that he was not a gambling man. Watch also Cardi B, Emily Ratajkowski & Ezra Miller helping unveil the new Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

Marcos Rojo

Rojo joined Old Trafford in August 2014 from Sporting Lisbon. He played as a left-back, making 122 appearances and scoring two goals. Rojo played his last match for Manchester United Football Club in November 2019 before his permanent transfer to the reigning Argentina champions, Boca Juniors, in February 2021.

In early 2020, a video emerged on social media showing Rojo gambling with a large group of friends. This was when he was at Estudiantes on loan from Manchester United. The video did not go well with the club, forcing it to express its concerns to the football community. This misconduct could be the reason Manchester granted Rojo a permanent transfer, after all.

Old Gambling Legends From Manchester Team

Some old legends who played for Manchester United also frequented the casino. Read who they were to get more information on them.

Gerard Pique

Pique is a Spanish national and a professional centre-back footballer. He made his debut for the Red Devils in 2004 in a Premier League match against West Ham United. In 2009, he went to forge his career with Barcelona after struggling at Old Trafford. He was in the same year named La Liga Breakthrough Player.

Pique is a superb poker player, often receiving poker accolades while still at Old Trafford. He has been taking part in world-class tournaments. At one point, Pique and his friend, Arturo Vidal, won $487,410 at a poker event in Spain. That’s not all; Pique has hit three major poker jackpots, spending between 3,000 and 4,000 euros per casino session despite not being a professional gambler.

Other casino competitions he has won include:

  • The 2011 European Poker Tour, where he bagged 40,000 euros;
  • The 2019 European Poker Tour, where he racked up 352,950 euros.

Apart from playing soccer and poker, Pique is into business. He once had a video game brand with a team of 30 programmers. But again, the company shut down in 2018 after releasing three games: Stop & Goal, Trivia League, and Gold Manager.

Teddy Sheringham 

Teddy is an England international. He appeared for the national team 51 times and scored 11 goals. He played for Manchester United between 1997 and 2001 as one of the finest centre forwards. It was not until the end of his football career of almost 25 years that Teddy became a prominent poker player.

At one point, Teddy racked up an impressive $118,346 at the Casino Vilamoura. He has also finished in the top 50 on the European Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. Overall, Teddy has been less active in gambling in recent years.


Football players have plenty of spare time away from their profession. They often turn to casino houses to stay occupied. Those with gambling strategies sometimes get a competitive edge over other gamblers. More so, with the growth of online casino sites, footballers hone their skills for a chance to win cash despite playing for fun. The good news is that you can also enjoy casino games, even without leaving your house or risking money. You only need to sign up for an online gaming account and claim the no deposit bonuses.

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