Facts about NFL player

Facts about NFL player

It’s easy to assume that NFL players lead lifestyles that are very different from the typical person just by observing them. Each of us has our own opinion about NFL players’ daily activities, training schedules, NFL picks and other activities. We often get it completely wrong.

Here are some facts about NFL players that you should know.

Financial problem very common

In the NFL, one in six players can face serious financial problems at some point. Many people also struggle with money when gambling. Even as we see the enormous salaries that certain players sign, we have to keep in mind that the average NFL career lasts just over three years and these enormous contracts only go to a small fraction of the league’s players.

NFL players earn lower than any player of any sport in America

Surprisingly, the NFL has the lowest median salary of any leading professional sports organization in the country. The typical player makes a little under $2 million per season and plays for about three years. $6 million before taxes is still a respectable sum, but it’s not going to make anyone rich.

Weight lifting not a priority

Contrary to popular belief, NFL players don’t lift that much weight. While NFL players are undeniably strong, they also spend more time perfecting the talents specific to their job than in the weight room. Standard weight training for a player can be completed in 45 minutes, although not every day of the week. Quarterbacks, for example, will put a lot of effort into improving their footwork, improving their throwing accuracy, and studying game footage in the movie room.

Touchdown scores rare

NFL players who have scored multiple touchdowns are extremely rare. Much like how most touchdowns by wide receivers result from catches, most quarterback touchdown throws are made.

Eastern Illinois, the produce of best coaches

You can enroll at Eastern Illinois University if your goal is to coach a Super Bowl champion team. Although Eastern Illinois is not an FBS team, the university has produced many NFL talents. Sean Payton and Mike Shanahan, two head coaches who won Super Bowls, both graduated from EIU.

short career

Most NFL players make a lot of money while playing, but their careers are often short. Additionally, many athletes earn substantial salaries from a young age. Often these players have never dealt with money of this type. It makes sense that they can go insane.

Increasing size

In the past few decades, the size of an NFL player has increased significantly. A typical NFL player weighs about 250 pounds and is slightly taller than 6-1. That’s significantly taller than the typical American, who weighs 195 pounds and is only about 5 feet 10 inches tall. In the early NFL years someone that tall might have become an offensive tackle.


So, these are some facts that you have been unware about the NFL players. I am sure some sounded strange and other sounded closely to what you believed. The truth, all facts here are justifiable.

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