Common gymnastic injuries and their preventions

There are different sports played around the world by different age groups among all those sports gymnastics is considered one of the favorite sports of men and women. Gymnastics involve flexibility, physical strength, control, coordination, and balance. Well, according to my own experience it is one of the difficult sports that people choose. The sport was evolved thousands of years back and until now there are several exercises have rooted into it. There are several competitions takes place both at the national and international level worldwide and is a huge part of Olympic competitions.

As I have said gymnastic are the most difficult sports, so there are major chances of getting injured when you put your physical strength into it. Getting injured in gymnastics is a common thing today, and the injuries can be traumatic, overuse or overstrain ones. Because of the age of any gymnasts, the youth injuries that affect the growth of plates should be thoroughly investigated so as to make sure that the injury has minimal longstanding complications.

There are several injuries that gymnasts can suffer from and it can occur to all body parts. The gymnasts’ margin is usually at risk when he or she gets injured. So, let’s know about some of the most common gymnastic injuries in detail.

Common gymnastic injuries:

A gymnast uses his or her complete body while performing the skills in the gymnastics. They are highly prone to injuries that can occur in any part of their body. The injury can occur and affect in any part of the body as such legs, arms, back, and neck as well. However, the common ones are:-

  • Joints and knee injuries
  • Fractures on wrists
  • Back pain
  • Anterior crudités ligament
  • Finger injuries
  • Colles fracture
  • Ankle Sprains

An individual can get an injury in bruises too, but it a minor injury that does not require any medical assistance. However, the above-mentioned injuries are common but they are not considered life-threatening. They require medical assistance but they are not so serious that you have spent the night in the hospital to get it to cure. I have found various gymnasts facing different problems related to injuries that they have got while performing. I have mentioned some of those causes here-

Major causes of gymnastic injuries:

When I joined my gymnastic classes and when I got my first gymnastic injury I thought it was totally because of the coach’s mistake or due to the poor quality equipment. But, after deep thought and regular practice, I found that it wasn’t the coach’s mistake but the mistake was mine. Same is with others; most people think that the cause of injury is having a poor coach or poor equipment. However, here in this piece of blog, I have mentioned a few causes that cause gymnastic injuries.

1# insufficient strength– it is one of the most basic reasons for getting injured in gymnastics. The decreased strength in legs, arms and core muscles directly affects the gymnast when he or she performs any specific skills. Because of the low strength in the body, a gymnast may hit the bar or fall on the bar, while ending up with injury on the floor. That is why it is considered important to have gymnastic bar having rounded corners. Along with this, to decrease the falling impact, an individual should have a good gymnastic mat.

2# imbalanced of strength– muscle imbalance is also a common type of gymnastic injury. It is considered important for an individual to have a pre musculoskeletal screening so as to identify the strength differences gymnasts have. Then they can work on the weaker parts of the body to further enhance them. Now, correction of imbalance is also important to prevent further gymnastic injuries, also getting the right balance beam is also an aspect to prevent injuries.

3# poor balancing– when your balance is poor, it is often difficult for you to perform any specific skill and do it accurately with perfection. This could also result in other injuries. Well, this is not the problem children who have just started participating in gymnastics at their early childhood. But, for those who have entered into gymnastics at a later age, their balancing and flexibility may not be that good. Therefore, learning the correct steps as well as body postures from a professional coach is extremely important.

How can I prevent these injuries?

There are different ways you can opt to prevent these gymnastic injuries as I have opted and helped me become a professional gymnast. Well, the first thing an individual has to do is make the arms, legs, and core stronger. In this way, you can literally eliminate common injuries.

Along with this, it is also important for you to pay attention to the balanced strength improvement. In other words, we can say that your body should be equally strong from both sides.

The last thing you should do to prevent injuries while doing gymnastic skills is by improving the balance of the body. There are several exercises which are not just limited to gymnastics that can help you improve balance. If you can improve your balance, you will easily be able to perform every skill accurately and perfectly as much as possible and eliminate risks and injuries associated while doing gymnastics.

There are many more ways through which you can prevent gymnastics injuries. You should get trained from the highly skilled as well as qualified coach that is specialized in acrobatics or gymnastics. You should also make sure that your coach is certified and perform stunts in the designated practice.

You must dress up appropriately by wearing safety gear, hand-grips, pads and belts so required according to the event you are performing. You should also make sure that the equipment is maintained properly before the competition and practice.

So, if you have joined your gymnastic classes for the first time and want that you should not face any injury then do follow the above-mentioned tips to prevent gymnastics injuries. Visit verellenhc for more info today!

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