Chloe Kelly: Who’s The English Man-City Pro Footballer? 10 Key Facts!

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Goalscorers Chloe Kelly and Ella Toone of England were filmed holding the trophy after the UEFA Women’s Euro England 2022 after their final match between England and Germany at Wembley Stadium. Chloe Kelly will now go down in history alongside Geoff Hurst as having scored in the international final for England. Fans hail Chloe Kelly after the substitute took off her shirt and ran wildly down the pitch – echoing US legend Brandi Chastain – after scoring the WINNER for England in the Euro 2022 final! Here are some interesting facts about Chloe Kelly who helped give England their first major trophy in women’s football. 

Chloe Kelly: 10 Facts About The Superstar Blondie From Man-City!

1. Chloe Kelly has five brothers with whom she played football in the cages: 

Chloe Kelly reportedly struggled to avoid football while she was growing up. Chloe Kelly was crazy about football. The youngest of seven children embraced the sport from the moment she followed her five brothers onto a caged gravel pitch on the Windmill Park estate. “I don’t think there were many who came to play in a cage,” the 24-year-old said. “I was always around the cage with the boys as soon as I got permission, around the age of seven. My brothers included me even though they were older and playing with their friends.

As a youngster, she even took the 92 bus from Ealing to Wembley on the day of the FA Cup final. Was she there to watch the game? No. She was there to book a program.

2. The England striker revealed she was often homesick after moving to Everton in 2016: 

After being scouted by QPR at a school tournament – ​​“it was my first real game because I used to play in the cages” – Kelly turned professional with Arsenal. She made the bold decision to move to Everton, initially on loan, in 2016, although it resulted in homesickness and regular calls to her mum Jane and dad Noel.

3. Kelly was the FA WSL’s top scorer when the season ended prematurely due to a pandemic. 

“If I hadn’t gone to Everton I don’t know if I would be in the position I’m in now at City and if I’m continuing my career,” she said. “I could have been more than happy to sit on the bench at a top club, but I wanted a few minutes under my belt. I had to show what I was capable of on the pitch, not just on the training ground. I don’t think many people would take the leap of moving to a city I had never been to at such a young age.

‘It was very intimidating. Because I was a family girl, I was homesick and every time I had an opportunity I came back, but I knew it was the best one for my career. Kelly was fourth in the Women’s Super League goalscoring charts with nine goals for Everton at the end of the season.

4. She helped the English Lionesses to win the Euro 2022: 

The annual pilgrimage has helped shape the Lioness, with the location taking on a whole new meaning as Chloe Kelly scored the goal at Wembley against Germany to bring England their first piece of football silverware since 1966. 

After they won, scoring the winner of the Euro 2022 final for England, Chloe Kelly celebrated with Lauren Hemp and Jill Scott. England’s demons of missing out on the 2019 World Cup were banished by their heroism in the Euro final.

Speaking after the match, Kelly said: ‘It’s amazing, it’s unreal. Frankly, it’s amazing. Thank you to everyone who came to support the Lionesses. It’s incredible.

“Thank you to everyone who helped in my injury rehab. To be here and score a winner is special. My whole family is here, my sister, my nephews, everyone. I just want to celebrate now.

The 24-year-old winner came after Ella Toone’s tricky chip was canceled out by a Lina Maghull goal.

It was Germany’s first loss in a women’s Euro final after eight wins.

5. Fans LOVE Chloe Kelly since her 2022 Euro Win: 

Fans praised the Man City star after her goal saying: ‘Chloe Kelly is top class’. How she didn’t start games is beyond me,” one fan tweeted after the late goal.

Another commented: ‘Chloe Kelly deserves this goal. She’s been great every time she came off the bench, ran the line, got the crowd moving and now plays instinctively. To like. He’s going home !’

On the other hand, many fans simply offered brief messages of support such as ‘Chloe Kelly’. Legend !’ and ‘Yes Chloe Kelly!! It has to go home now.

The win gives England their first-ever major trophy in women’s football and the first Euro win for any English team.

6. She has suffered injury setbacks, including a serious ACL injury in 2021: 

Today, Chloe Kelly can hold up her winners’ medal after scoring the winner for England against Germany on Sunday in the Euro 2022 final but just a year back it would have seemed impossible. Despite her many injuries in recent years, Chloe Kelly went on to see a winning England come to life. 

She only made one WSL appearance last season after suffering a harrowing ACL injury which jeopardized her ability to compete at the Euros. But she roared and made Sarina Wiegman’s squad for the home tournament. It was the last post-injury rally Kelly had to endure. She made her England debut in November 2018 as a substitute against Austria in a friendly but suffered an ankle injury that required surgery the following February. 

This harsh injury kept her sidelined for six months and out of contention for a place at the 2019 World Cup, where new team-mate Ellen White scored six goals as England reached the semi-finals. But the demons of missing out on that run were banished by his heroism during the Euro final, following a knocked-down ball in the 20th minute of extra time to send England off to dreamland. 

7. Chloe Kelly went from cage football to winning in England:

Kelly grew up playing in the Ealing football cages. “All summer we would go out to the cage early in the morning, come back for food, and come right back there. A couple of years later, someone melted a garbage can in the middle. It wasn’t the best, but we had to make do with what we had! “Playing cage football has helped shame me into the player I am. It added a bit more creativity to my game and my physique as well.

8. She credits her physique and creativity to her five brothers: 

Were the brothers protective? ‘Definitely not. They were probably the ones telling everyone to hit me harder. Get used to it. If I was on the ground, they told me to get up.

“They never really felt sorry for me if I got knocked down. I think that was the way to go. If they made it easy, you would always think that everything in life is going to get easy and it’s not. That’s how I am today.

‘I was one of them. Looking back, I really appreciate that but less so at the time. I was a little disgusted to come home and complain to my mother sometimes.

It’s no shock that Kelly says her formative experiences at her West London estate have helped her up her game. Since they’ve grown up and established their careers, Kelly watches her older brother Jack and his triplets Ryan, Jamie and Martin play local league football when she is back in west London, 

“Jack still says now that he’s better than me,” says Kelly, who has another brother, Daniel, and a sister, Paris. ‘He says, “I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know”. Kelly’s family don’t let her get too excited, and always keep her on the ground and that’s a good thing, according to Chloe herself. 

9. Her Manchester City career began in 2020: 

City, who were top at the time but saw Chelsea crowned champions on a points-per-game basis, signed Kelly in July 2020 and she scored an impressive 10 goals and made 11 assists in her first season at Manchester.

‘Once I found out City were interested in me, it was a case of ‘OK, when can we do it? “. I can’t wait to get started,” Kelly said.

“There are a lot of English internationals at ManCity and that was huge for me. If I get another summon, it’s easier to get into that environment playing with those players day in and day out.

“I considered playing with Steph Houghton and Jill Scott, learning and improving my game. I’m ambitious and I want to be the best version of myself.

10. Her celebration was similar to Brandi Chastain’s famous 1999 celebration: 

She gave English football its Brandi Chastain moment in her celebration, twirling her shirt around her head in a moment of glorious abandon, as she ran away chased by ecstatic teammates. 

The substitute took off her jersey after bringing the ball home from close range and ran onto the pitch with her euphoric teammates. It would have been an emotional moment for the 24-year-old who returned from an ACL injury earlier this year. The winner was his first competitive international goal.

In fact Chloe Kelly drew comparisons to former USA international Chastain, who shot to fame in 1999 after celebrating his country’s winning penalty in the World Cup final by ripping off her shirt, waving it around her head and falling to her knees.

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