Chicago Bears and PointsBet Meet Up for a Sports Partnership

Sports Partnership

The Chicago Bears have a lot to show for, on the field and off it as well. They currently have 9 NFL championship titles, and the most significant number of individuals certified in the American Football Hall of Fame. The blue, orange and white players are also known, by fans and commentators, for the biggest number of wins all-around since the beginnings of professional football. They are also known in Illinois for forming a professional cheerleading team, called The Chicago Honey Bears. A great status always leans on a glorious history. How did it all start?

At the last leg of the 20s, in the previous century, a small American Football regional team was at its dawn. That happened in 1919. They slowly evolved, both the athletes and the management board. Eventually, three years later, in 1922, they got their iconic name, inspired by Chicago’s baseball team, The Chicago Cubs. That was one year before them getting their current signature brand, and way before the AFL-NFL convergence, which happened in the 70s. Their current owner, Virginia Halas McCaskey, is the daughter of the team’s original owner and record owning coach George Halas.

Their latest deal was a long-lasting partnership with PointsBet, a multi-nation virtual betting platform. They have already been analyzed and praised by emblematic sources like Forbes. Their current status allows them to operate in 3 US states, namely Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. Their expansion is a continuum, so keep an eye on their website to see what other places adopt them. For non-US players and readers, they should know that PointsBet started as an Australian book-keeping website. Both Fixed-Odds and Spread Betting are allowed. Mobile users can also access it through their iOS or Android apps.

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A related type of betting, different from sports wagers, but with the same thrill, happens in online casinos. There are dozens of specific techniques to optimize your profits at the card game tables or from the slot machines. However, some are universally compatible with all kinds of players. The common thread that works for all folks has to be economical. One option is to look for $0 deposits also knows as Briefly, one can pick an online platform from this casino list, create an account, and their bonus should appear in their playing account instantly. Please remember to gamble responsibly!

PointsBet making first-class deals is nothing new. In fact, at the beginning of the year, they made one of their biggest marketing moves, by joining forces with NBC Sports. Essentially, it means that the down-under bookie site will have access to advertise for at least a few years on all events of NBC. It is estimated that the derived profit will rise up to over $550 million. As impressive as that number is, it is entirely on par with the amount of annual viewership of NBC: around 10 million individuals. The future will have to show us how this alliance will evolve.

These profitable business deals are neither weird nor surprising in nature. On the contrary, they are the natural consequences of the latest legislative change about betting in the US. In 2018, The Supreme Court intervened with a ruling that lifted the federal ban on sports wagers. From that point on, at the state level, legislation came to light, allowing bets on sports competitions of various kinds. This includes places on both sides of the nation, from Nevada to New York, and locations in-between. According to Business Insider, 23 states are pending their legislation on the topic. At the same time, 7 already allow it with a legal safety net.

How will this current NFL season end? This year has been quite challenging to predict as it is, but sports commentators always have some tips to share with the enthusiast. According to a quick browse over some trust-worthy sources and blogs, Kansas City Chiefs will keep their shine from their lattes Super Bowl achievement. As for the teams that will have an efficient carry-out to the postseason, the list includes the Niagara Buffalo Bills, the Baltimore Ravens, the Dallas Cowboys, and, of course, the New Orleans Saints. If you conduct your betting by strategy, and not by fan love, remember to check online stats!

Football fans and casual viewers have always been hypnotized by the phenomenon. It all started in 1939 when the first televised NFL game was broadcasted locally. Over 500 TV sets were tuned in to see everything unfold in crisp black and white. For the time, the number of linear viewers, compared with the general population access to cable is staggering. It only grew since then. Let us walk together on the road of the NFL, and see if the wild ride of this year also translates into unforgettable sporting moments.

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