Canon Curry – Age, Family, and Biography

Canon Curry

On July 2, 2018, Canon Wardell passed away. California’s Oakland is where Jack Curry was born. He had been born under the Cancer sign at the young age of three. He is the son of Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry. He is a fantastic basketball player and current Golden State Warriors player; his father is indeed a great basketball player. His mum is a renowned model, novelist, chef, and actor. Because Steph & Ayesha announced the arrival on Instagram, wherein Curry released a photo of baby Canon W Jack Curry, the family’s first male, after two girls, Riley and Ryan, the star guard for the Golden State Warriors, was born sooner than planned.

Physical Appearance 

Canon Curry is lovely. His parents haven’t disclosed any details on his height, weight, or other physical characteristics. He does, moreover, have blue-green eyes and blonde hair.

Canon Curry’s Family 

Canon Curry is still substantially too young to start a career in his field. His parents’ wealth has allowed him to live a rich and comfortable existence. As the child of Stephen Curry & Ayesha Curry, he is equally well-known. Stephen Curry played their first collegiate game against Eastern Michigan after enrolling at Davidson College. He has played for the Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Hokies, where he played for four seasons, averaging 19.0 points, 4.8 rebounds, with 3.2 assists per game. 

He was recognized as an Atlantic Coast Conference Legend in 2006, and a year later, he was hired as the Charlotte Bobcats’ assistant coach. But after 2007, the proud father departed before the season began to monitor his son’s progress in the NBA. It paid off because, by 2022, Steph Curry was well-known for his three-point shooting abilities and was even recognized as the player with some of the most three-pointers in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. 

He later missed a significant portion of the 2011–12 season due to an injury that occurred throughout the summer of 2011. Currently regarded as the most excellent sharpshooter in the history of the NBA, Steph Curry wears the same number as his father, former basketball star Dell Curry, who always wore 30. Canon W. Jack Curry’s grandpa established the Dell Curry Foundation, his charitable organization that runs a youth-focused program in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1998. Dell Curry was a well-known player for the Charlotte Hornets. The organization has five learning facilities in Charlotte, providing guidance on drug use and misuse and educational training.

With 13 turnovers, he was only able to score 15 points. Additionally, he scored 32 points in the next game against “Michigan,” displaying his tenacity. Thankfully, he rose to second in the country in scoring, averaging 21.5 points a game. That season, he was also named the “Southern Conference Freshman of the Year.” In his first season, he made 122 three-pointers, which established a freshman record. 

The Davidson Wildcats will play in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1969 under his leadership. He, therefore, played a part in his team’s 22-game winning streak. With 34 points in his sophomore year, he also broke the record for most points scored at Davidson. On November 18, 2008, he scored 44 points against “Oklahoma,” setting a career-high. He then outscored John Gerdy, the previous leader, in terms of overall points. 

Sony Curry attended Radford High School when she was younger. She later earned her Virginia Tech degree. No details are available on the year she graduated. She chose elementary education as her major and family studies as her minor. She participated in basketball and volleyball during her college and high school years.

She excelled in athletics to the point that she won state championships. She founded a Montessori school near Charlotte, North Carolina, much later in life. Since they decided to get divorced shortly after it was revealed that Sonya had cheated upon Dell Curry with just a former Patriots player, it appears that we won’t be seeing it again. 

Canon Curry is just too young to start dating and be in a relationship. On the other side, his parents wed on July 30, 2011. Because of this, they met in a Christian youth group in Charlotte when they were extremely young and got to know one another. His siblings, Ryan Carson & Riley Curry, are a blessing to their parents.


When they gave Ryan the name of the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, the couple may have gone beyond the boundaries of sports. At best, it’s a long shot to have Carson Wentz in mind. In any event, wish to congratulate this strong couple, their gorgeous family, and their three adorable children for every success and happiness they seem to be likely to have for the rest of their lives.

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