Best Tips for Reviewing Sportsbooks Before Choosing

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Choosing an online sportsbook is like selecting a bank. You want a company that can protect your money and personal information. It should also be available when you need it, whether it’s issues to do with withdrawals or customer service.

When you think about, everyone wants a bank that can grow their money. It’s the same case for betting sites. It needs to offer comprehensive sports coverage with great odds. This way, you can maximize your profits.

There are up to 10 factors you should consider when reviewing a betting site. If you’re short on time, consider reading sportsbook reviews from trusted reviewers. You will save time and still find a reliable bookmaker.

In the meantime, below are some of the factors to check before you choose a sportsbook:

Sports and Leagues Covered

The first thing you should consider in a sportsbook is sports coverage. What sports and leagues does a betting site offer? Are these your preferred sports and leagues?

Let’s say you’re a soccer fan who enjoy European football. You need a site that covers the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and the Champions League.

If you love American basketball, ensure your ideal bookmaker covers the NBA and NCAA basketball. That said, many bookmakers in 2022 cover most of the major sports and a significant portion of upcoming sports.

As a result, you don’t have to get worried about not finding your favorite sport at a sportsbook. If it’s a reputable bookmaker, chances are it covers all Major League Sports, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, boxing, eSports, cricket and rugby.

Certain sports—eSports, MMA and lacrosse—might not be available in every sportsbook. So, take time to ensure the sports you are offered at your ideal betting site.

Bet Types and Odds

Most people join sportsbooks to bet on match winners—Money line bets. But you’re probably not like most people. Maybe you enjoy wagering on spreads, totals, correct scores, proposition bets and quarters/half-time results.

In that case, choose a sportsbook with a variety of bet types. When you click on a match, you should find a detailed list of outcomes you can predict besides the match winner.

Let’s say you want to bet on a soccer game between Canada and England. The three Lions have unattractive odds because they are favored to win. However, you should have the option to also predict the total number of goals scored, whether both teams will score, who will score fast or whether a player will receive a red card.

Besides bet types, look at a sportsbook’s odds. Precisely, compare its odds to other bookies to discover if it offers the best odds. Good odds help maximize your returns per bet. And isn’t that the goal of sports betting?

An Intuitive Web Design

A professionally designed website isn’t just beautiful to look at. It is also easy to use, feature rich and fast. It is easy to spot an intuitive site. First, it loads incredibly fast. Secondly, it might look simple by design, but you can spot every important feature.

You can spot the account creation buttons. You can identify the payment methods and add funds to your account. What’s more, you can search for a specific match or filter out games by leagues seamlessly.

In other words, a user-friendly site is intuitive. Nowadays, mobile support is also part of a user-friendly website. More than 50% of bettors wager through their smartphones. And they use mobile sites instead of apps.

If you spend most of your time on your cell phone, pay attention to mobile sportsbooks. Choose a site that fits on your smartphone screen seamlessly. Interact with the site to ensure it responds to touch.

Licensing and Security Features

By law, all genuine sportsbooks must be licensed. Depending on where you live, you might find a sportsbook licensed in your country or offshore. For example, many betting sites in Europe hold a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

That means you might live in Germany. But you could bet through a bookmaker based in Malta. Most Canadians also bet through Malta-based sportsbooks. In some countries, though—the UK—you can only gamble through a betting website licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Against that backdrop, learn a little bit about your country’s betting laws. Find out if you need a betting site licensed locally. Or, you could use a sportsbook based offshore.

Besides licensing, look at security features like data encryption, password protection, 2-Factor Authentication and data protection policies. On the other hand, find out if a site has been audited by any independent firm.

A certificate of audit shows a betting firm offers fair odds and pays out money to winners without fail.

Betting Bonuses and Promotions

When you think about it, nearly every betting site in 2022 has a welcome bonus. Most of them offer to match your first deposit 100% up to $100 or $200. Should you claim these offers?

Yes, take advantage of betting bonuses. In fact, find a betting site with lots of them: Risk free bets, Stake not returned bonuses, first deposit, loyalty bonuses, bonus boosters and VIP rewards.

However, only claim bonuses with fair terms and conditions. Look at the bonus amount, the wager requirements, the odds, validity times and maximum you can withdraw. If you like the terms, claim the bonuses.

Banking and Customer Service

Needless to say, choose a betting site with well-known payment methods. Perhaps you like to make online payments using your Visa card. Choose a sportsbook that accepts Visa payments.

Importantly, pick a payment method that processes payments fast, both for deposits and withdrawals. It also needs to have low fees, convenient banking limits and security features.

Luckily, many top-tier betting sites have a wide range of banking methods. You can use digital wallets like PayPal. You can bank through crypto or stick to wire transfer.

That said, also check a casino’s reputation and customer service. How can you contact the company? What do people say about its services? In the end, you want a trusted and reputable sportsbook.

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