Bernd Leno Biography, Early Life and Net Worth

Bernd Leno

Both the German national squad and Premier League team Arsenal use goalkeeper Bernd Leno. The “Penalty Killer” is another name for him. He represents Arsenal F.C. in the English Premier Championship in addition to the German national squad. Here is all the information that needs to learn about his biography, early life & networth 

Early Life

Bernd Leno, a well-known soccer player in Germany, was born on March 4, 1992. the experienced goalkeeper who, in 2011, made history by playing in the Champions League at the youngest age ever for a player in his position. From 2011 until 2018, until he signed with Arsenal, he spent his formative Bundesliga years at Bayer Leverkusen in his home country. Leno was born in a tiny village close to Stuttgart and was raised there with his brother. People who knew Leno as a youngster said he was a very active child. He directed this energy on athletics. Every member of the Bernd Leno family loved sports. For both his brother and family, football played a significant role. He had always desired to play football and have the ball close by. Each toy back then was a football


Since he was young, he had displayed intelligence, talent, and success in the classroom. He withholds his academic details for some private purpose. On the internet, it is not wherever to be found. During the holidays, Leno played neighbourhood games, often on “poor pitches,” but it didn’t matter for him because he was with pals. He chose to pursue football seriously when he was 6 years old and started playing professionally. When Bernd joined the youth squad S.V. Germania Bietigheim, the basis for Leno’s career was established. He was a midfielder as soon as he joined the team.

Who are Bernd’s parents?

Viktor Leno is Bernd Leno’s father; Rosa Leno is his mother; Daniel Leno is his brother; Bernd Leno has no sisters. The Bernard Leno family has German and Russian ancestry, and his father is half German and half Russian. He is wedded to Sophie Christin, a woman he dated for a very long period.

Birthday, Height, Jersey number, and Body Measurements

Born on March 4, 1992, Bernd Leno. Bernd Leno will be 30 in 2022. Each year on March 4, Bernd Leno loves to celebrate his birthday. Similar to this, Bernd Leno’s zodiac sign is Pisces. Bernd Leno was born in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, and as a result, he is a German citizen. His faith is Roman Catholic, and he is of German ancestry. His blonde hair and eyes are both blue. Bernd Leno is around 79 kilograms and 6 feet 3 inches tall. The dimensions of Bernd Leno’s chest are 38 inches, his waist is 34 inches, & his biceps are 13 inches. He wears 9.5 UK shoes. He enjoys maintaining his thin build via a healthy diet. When he represents Arsenal F.C., his jersey number is 1, and when he represents Germany’s national football team, it is 12. His strong points are tackling, focus, and quickness, while his weaknesses include technical proficiency and passing. Leno like the Opel brand and his preferred colour is black.

Personal Life

Besides football, he also enjoys spending some time with his partner. Long-term partner Sophie Christin and Leno got married around August 11, 2020, after a prolonged relationship. The lovely couple was still childless. Apart from this, there isn’t much information accessible about his relationship.

Net worth

Bernd Leno’s net worth is projected to be 13 million euros, and by 2022, he will earn a salary of 4.8 million pounds. It holds all of his possessions, money, and earnings. His work as a goalie is his primary source of revenue. He has indeed been able to handle suitable budgets thanks to his various sources of income, yet he prefers to live simply. Leno wants to retain his healthy physique by eating sensibly. He has a sizable sum of money in his bank. He’s still relatively young, but he’s been playing pro football for a while. Even if the German Bundesliga pays less than at English Premier League, the German has nonetheless earned his fair part of the money.

Interesting Facts About Bernd 

  • Bernd Leno is a goalkeeper for both the German national team and Premier League club Arsenal. The “Penalty Killer” is another name for him. 
  • Bernd Leno, a well-known soccer player in Germany, was born around March 4, 1992. 
  • The date of Leno’s birth is March 4, 1992. Bernd Leno will be 30 in 2022. Each year on March 4, Bernd Leno enjoys celebrating his birthday.
  • Bernd Leno has a brother named Daniel Leno, his father is Viktor Leno, his mother is Rosa Leno and no sisters.
  • Leno and Sophie Christin had been dating for a longer amount of time; the two got married on August 11, 2020. 
  • He has 3.2 million Facebook fans, 964k Instagram followers, 565.1k Twitter followers, and 964k Instagram followers.

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