How to Donate for Child Education in India.

Child Education

The need of the hour is educating a child in India. Many students all over India are not receiving a quality education or NO Education at all. No wonder why illiteracy in this country is taking a shameful increase in numbers resulting in poor growth of the economy as well as a significant rise in poverty.
Here are the stats of poverty in India >>

So what could be done to prevent the future of this country?

The answer is simple – Education. The future of India is in the hands of the growing kids. And these kids need to be educated enough to run their families and become self-independent. And here’s how you can help by sponsoring a child in India, especially the ones who are unprivileged.

Donating for child education in India

Here’s a step by step guide to sponsor a child in India, with the example of Lok Kalyan Samiti.

1. Selecting the right NGO

The first and foremost task of sponsoring a child would be to find an NGO which has programs such as “sponsor a child,” “sponsor a girl child,” or “donate for child education.” Similar programs focusing on child education would also work.
Just make sure the NGO you are donating to, should have a clean record and well known among local people. One such NGO that we recommend is “Lok Kalyan Samiti,” where you can Donate for child education in India (more details here).

2. Choosing the amount

To sponsor a child, visit Lok Kalyan Samiti’s official website and go to the donations page.
The next step would be to choose the amount to sponsor a child. It’s your wish to pay for a child’s fee annually or their complete education (till 10th grade).
The amount to sponsor a child annually is Rs. 5,000/- and till grade 10, it’s 55,000/-.

3. Filling up the details

When you enter the donations page, you will be asked to fill up a form with some details. Details like the purpose of the donation (in this column, you should select sponsor a child), the amount to donate, currency and a few personal details.

4. Making the payment

In Lok Kalyan Samiti, the donations are accepted by cheque, demand draft, direct bank transfer, net banking and even PayTM.
Right after you donate, you will receive a donation receipt and details of the sponsored child will be given to you.

5. Visiting the sponsored child

An excellent and trustworthy NGO allows you to visit the child you sponsor. Lok Kalyan Samiti will enable you to visit the sponsored child at their Nand-Nagri centre in Delhi, where they educate all the sponsored children.

6. Receive regular reports of the child

If you wish to know how the child you sponsored is performing in the studies, you will receive periodic progress report of the child. In this report card, you will know the grades of the child along with the teacher’s remark for the child.
And just in case the parents of the child does not wish to continue his/her studies, another child will be allotted to you.
And this is how you can donate for child education in India. Become a responsible citizen. Sponsor a Child Now.

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